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Frayla Aggro — by Jason Fruit

Ruler: Frayla//Frayla, the Revolutionist

Gachalog Code:77126733

Ruler x 1
Frayla, the Revolutionist x 1

Main Deck x 40
Shade Assassin x 2
Dark Elf Gravekeeper x 4
Majin Dark Elf x 4
Lily, the Last Flower x 3
Frayla, Servant of Demon Fire x 3
Dark Riding Hood, Messenger of Truth x 2
Rei, the Black Owl x 4
Hilda, Frayla's Left Hand x 3
Saffina, Frayla's Right Hand x 2
Jeanne d'Arc, Mad Maiden x 4
Hilda and Saffina x 1
Life Severing Blade x 3
Faith in the Darkness x 4
Heavenly Fruit x 1

Stone Deck x 10
Null Magic Stone x 4
Stone from the Dark Castle x 4
Demonic Soulstone x 2

Sideboard x 15
Dark Riding Hood x 2
Azazel, the Fallen Angel of Gloom x 2
Black Tears x 2
Ceaseless Devotion x 2
Evil Elemental Uprising x 3
Look of Corruption x 3
Majin Subjugation x 1

Hi Everyone,

Here is the general breakdown of what each card in this decklist is trying to accomplish:

Shade Assassin – Excellent way to snipe off big creatures. Forces your opponent to work around it in the early game.

Dark Elf Gravekeeper – 75% of the time I put a Saffina, Frayla’s Right Hand into my graveyard with this card because playing a turn two Hilda, Frayla’s Left Hand that also
puts a Saffina on board feels really good. If I have a second one, I usually put the Hilda and Saffina in the graveyard to pull out after Frayla’s judgement.
This card also powers up Lily and can help you sustain your aggro push into the late game with Frayla’s ruler ability.

Majin Dark Elf –If you call a null magic stone turn 1 there is no better play you can make right out of the gate.

Lily, the Last Flower – Excellent spot removal mid to late game. Drain also keeps you alive if you get too low. All around fantastic card.

Frayla, Servant of Demon Fire – This card is amazing in conjuction with your J-Ruler to quickly give all your dark elves swiftness and swing in for lethal. This card is a key
enabler/utility resonator that you are always happy to see at least 1 of.

Hilda, Frayla’s Left Hand – Playing this on turn two and pulling a Saffina, Frayla’s Right Hand out of your graveyard is really good. This deck also commonly gets under 2000
life making this card even better in the late game.

Saffina, Frayla’s Right Hand – The goal is not to play this card from your hand but to put them in the graveyard with Dark Elf Gravekeeper. I always mulligan these and try
to keep a Dark Elf Gravekeeper and a Hilda, Frayla’s Left Hand in my opening hand if possible.

Jeanne D’Arc, Mad Maiden – Main backbone of your midgame. This deck consistently has enough creatures on board to trigger its swiftness and indestructible ability.

Rei, the Black Owl// Zero – This card is really hard to deal with. Fantastic way to keep your board alive when dealing with decks with lots of spot removal.

Dark Riding Hood, Messenger of Truth – Still testing this out. The stone base allows for this card to flip pretty frequently and it can be quite hard for some decks to deal with.

Hilda and Saffina – The sole purpose of this card is to get it in the graveyard with Dark Elf Gravekeeper and then pull it out with Frayla’s J-Ruler enter ability to swing in for lethal.

Life Severing Blade – This card is great as your resonators will be dying a lot.

Faith in the Darkness – Obvious synergy with Jeanne. Running 4 in this deck is pretty good as there are so many 2 drops.

Heavenly Fruit – My last name is Fruit. How could I not play a card with Fruit in its name. This card is also nuts late game if you can pull it off.

Majin Subjugation – I will usually banish a rested resonator that just attacked to pull out a Majin Dark Elf or Frayla, Servant of Demon Fire to swing in for extra damage. Extra
spice in the sideboard.

Black Tears – Aimul matchup or any deck that runs lots of inverse resonators. If I put these in I will pull out at least 3 of my inverse resonators in my main deck.

Evil Elemental Uprising – General graveyard hate.

Look of Corruption – Control Matchup. Pull out key board clears or bounce cards and generally disrupts their strategies.

Ceaseless Devotion – Ayu Matchup. Also protects you from a big burn spell.

Dark Riding Hood – Aggro Matchup. Still on the fence on this card…

Azazel, The Fallen Angel of Gloom – Still testing this one out against fast decks that get real low on hand size quickly.

General Comments:

This deck is load of fun to play and cleans up really well at locals. People really underestimate what Frayla can do. This deck is very fast and can actually survive a
couple of board wipes pretty well. With the recent meta shift Frayla is a lot better than she used to be and can compete pretty well with a lot of the Tier 2 and 1.5 decks
out there. I know I won’t ever win a GP with her… but that’s not going to stop me from trying!

P.S. --- I’m working on a pretty insane wanderer list with her that utilizes Athena, Titan of Revenge. It won’t be the most competitive thing out there but should be loads of fun!

Article written by guest author and TCG Scrub Patron Jason Fruit