FOW NEWS! New GP, Online Tournament, Transformers TCG, and More!

If you'd prefer a video version of the news, click below:


It's been awhile since the last news. We have quite a spectrum of news items to go over so let's take a look!

Second GP Announced:

So we got official word on when the next GP is! It will actually be the big ARG event in Orlando, FL on
December 15th and 16th. Full information can be found HERE

This is exciting news, we will now have an ARG/GP hybrid with a lot of prizing and multiple possible
invites! (Worlds and ARG Invitational). I just hope going forward every GP isn't just randomly announced
a month ahead of time and we get an actual schedule of the GP's like normal. But it looks like they are
keeping to their promise of having GP's during what used to be the 'Off season'. 

It is interesting to point out as well that Jeff had mentioned during his last Q and A that the GP dates
would be announced the Friday after his Q and A (roughly). That was the 2nd of this month
(almost 2 weeks ago). Not sure why the huge delay and what is going on there.
Hopefully we hear something soon.

ARG States:

Speaking of ARG, ARG States is this weekend! If you don't know, States is the smaller events
held at local game stores across the US that come with all sorts of cool prizing and invites to
the Invitational etc. TCGScrubs' Oscar and Colin will both be attending the Dallas, TX and
Austin, TX State events! 

For more information on these, including locations that are participating, visit the link HERE.

Be sure to go if you can to continue and show support for the game, and ARG for hosting all of this! 

In case you missed it, this is the magical playmat that was made for these events:

New Monthly Promos:

As you can see above we got our first look at this month's promos! These are pretty awesome, especially the blade which will become quite a useful card going forward.

Be sure if your local store hasn't already, to check your store in with the official FOW software, and also to message Robert to get your monthly promos! They no longer
go through distributors, which means you are getting them directly now! If you are unsure, be sure to check out our previous News talking about it, or just shoot us or Robert a message!

Online "GP":

So there is a fairly big unofficial Online Tournament happening right now in case you missed it.
It's too late to enter in, but I'll go over the details of the tournament, as well as when to see results!
You can watch some gameplay from the tournament as well on the official FOW ARG Youtube Channel HERE

This Tournament is being hosted by Benjamin B. Bargetzi with about $2,200 worth of prizing!
The format is super unique, instead of New Frontiers or Wanderer, it is using a format they call
'Golden Age'. This format uses any cards that appeared between the Melgis/Faria Starter Decks
and Vingolf 3. As such it also adheres to the old ban list (no bans at that time essentailly).

It is completely online, and has about 151 people entered into it. Rounds are ongoing until after
Round 4 concludes on December 2nd. After that it goes into Top 16 until December 30th.

Below is the complete Ruler breakdown as well if you are interested. We'll update you guys as
results come in the future.

Judge Test L0:

We got our first official judge test this past week! If you don't know, the judge program was revamped,
so now there was a test available online for 72 hours for anyone to take. If you passed you become an
L0 judge, able to officially judge locals, small tournaments, and State ARGS (among others). 

If you missed or failed this test, don't worry, a new one will be available every quarter and will be
different from the current test. If you wish to become a higher level judge, simply visit a GP and take
the necessary steps from there. 

There was some technical problems it seemed initially with the judge test. It was scheduled to be
released the 1st (I think), but an incorrect version somehow got out, and we had to wait until around
the 9th for the test to be officially released for it's window of time. Hopefully that didn't hurt anyone's
chances of taking the test. 

If you are curious on what exactly the test was, be sure to watch our podcast where we go over it HERE!

Transformers TCG Coming to Canada:

So a big issue with the Transformers TCG was at the distribution level. For various reasons it couldn't
come to Canada upon release. There might have been some other places as well that it couldn't go,
but Canada was the main one. 

Well, the official page for the game just announced they are bringing the game to Canada now!
Not sure what they had to do to get this to happen, but I'm glad they were able to figure it out.
The game seems to be doing well so far, and with a new release of a deck this week it's the perfect
time to introduce new people to the game. 

Transformers Metroplex Deck:

Speaking of the new deck coming out, this weekend will mark the release of the Metroplex Starter Deck!
This is the deck that was teased a long time ago. 

It comes with 4 new bots, and several new battle cards as well. The deck also includes normal cards in it.
It's most noteable for the size of Metroplex the card, which is double the size of a normal bot card! It's a
really cool idea and I'm excited to get my hands on it. 

We'll have a video come out the day before the release of the deck going over the cards that come in the
deck etc. so look out for that!

Keyforge Card Game:

Last piece of news is a new card game coming out. We will be doing several videos on this in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for that. This is a game where instead of buying booster boxes and singles, you just buy a pre constructed deck. No 2 decks will ever be the same in this game so each time you buy a deck will be a different experience!

These constructed decks, and a starter kit, go on sale this weekend as well so be sure to check your locals if you are interested. And keep an eye out for the upcoming content we will have in relation to this game!

That's about all for today. Thanks for joining and we'll see you next week!