FOW News! Sherry Ban, Dual Stones Gone, Card Leaks!

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Quite a bit happened this past week, so let’s jump right in.


So there was a bit of drama that happened this past week. It was revealed that someone (most likely in the company, or with special access to information) leaked the full set of cards in New Dawn Rises to Pro Players in Europe. It may have been shown to other players in other countries, but the details are very limited. 

Due to this unfortunate circumstance the company decided to reveal the entire set of cards for the new booster and starters, to maintain an even playing field going into Worlds (where this knowledge will literally make or break how you play).

While it kind of sucks having the hype die down this early due to there being no more spoilers, I am glad the company reacted so quickly and did proper judgement to fix the damage that had been done. I hope we can find whomever leaked the cards/who they leaked them to, because those are the types of people we do not want to be part of this game.

The last thing we also learned from the full set reveal is that [Variant] typing of cards is gone! This is probably for the best, since most of these are terrible and disappointing to pull. But it is interesting this happened without any news or mention.


So we finally got an update on will Power Rewards (kinda). In case you missed it, the final day to scan in all of your codes is the 31st! So less than 2 days away from today. 

They have not yet revealed the rewards (though they might shortly after this article is published). They did confirm that the top 500 ranked in the app will get a card with specific numbering and a symbol on it. It is assumed that this will probably be the Time Spinning Witch ruler (similar to last year’s Alhamaat). We’ll update you guys when more information comes out.


We got our look at the promo and playmat for New Dawn Rises! The Promo card is what you get for buying a box. The playmat is what you get for buying a case (6 boxes). 

I think we had already seen the playmat a while back, but now it’s revealed again with a pretty cool looking card!


It looks like we got official confirmation that Dual Stones will finally rotate out. There was a lot of speculation about this, but the final decision the company came to was to let them move out of New Frontiers. 

This is overall really good for the health of the game. Especially going into New Valhalla, multiple colors with easy access could prove very strong with the new Rune system. It also helps nerf slightly old Reiya rulers so that they are on a better level with the newcomers. 


We also got our first high definition look at the starter deck and booster box packaging! And as you can see above, the booster box is yellow! This is the first time the company has done a booster that wasn’t red or black. It looks really interesting and really stands out, going in a new direction like the rest of the game feels like.

Below you can see all 5 starter decks. Really cool design I think, once again really feels like they are standing apart.


Credit to Crystal Beeton

So we got a ban list early this time around! Usually the ban list is revealed/takes effect around the time the new set is released. This time around it was revealed and will take effect on the 7th of September. 

The ban list’s most noteable thing was the ban (finally) of Sherry! The article goes into detail on why this was banned as well as the other cards if you are interested (or our most recent podcast, where we go over the article and bans in depth).

Because of this ban they unbanned Evil Djinni, Eve, and Ruined Story which is awesome. In Wanderer they banned Lumia, Apollo, and Play Dead. All for pretty obvious reasons, Lumia mainly because of the change to the ‘Enter’ keyword ability to older cards.


Just a quick update that the FOW Lackey Plugin was in fact updated with all the new cards! So you can get on and play on there (and I assume Untap as well)! If you are unsure how to play Lackey or install the plug in, be sure to check  out the homepage on this website.


Last quick note, just wanted to let you guys know that the previous GP’s/Tournaments have all been updated by Oscar with Gachalog images of the deck lists! So be sure to check those out and come back as Worlds and other events happen!

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you next time!