FOW News! Explaining Runes and Starter Decks

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Not a lot of news this week outside of spoilers, but we’ll do a rundown of some important points to remember.

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So there seems to be some confusion on what exactly a starter deck will entail. Below is a quote from icv2 on what will come in it exactly:

Each Starter includes 68 cards: two different Rulers (foil), 40 card main deck (10 sets of 4 cards, 8 of which are foil), 10 Rune cards, 12 Magic Stones. Each deck is playable on it’s own, but it can also be split into two half decks for two player games. The Starter also includes a playsheet, rulesheet, and game manual.

That goes over the specifics. Essentially there are enough main deck cards for one deck, however the starter is designed so that you can split it into 2 mini decks. Each deck would have it’s own ruler, 5 card rune deck, 6 magic stones, and 20 card deck. 

You essentially get more than your money’s worth since you can either do the 2 player format, or create your own deck, fully customized with a booster box. The rulers will be the same throughout the cluster so it’ll be important to have it anyways. And at $15 it’s hard to beat.


More questions people have been having are in regards to runes. As a quick breakdown, here is how runes work and the different types of runes.

-You can only have 1 copy of any Rune card in your Rune deck
-You can have a Rune Deck with up to 5 total runes of any varying will cost and Divinity cost. 
-Each ruler has a Divinity of 10. This means you can keep playing Runes from your Rune deck until you meet that 10 requirement (ex. You play a Rune card with Divinity 3, then one with Divinity 2, Divinity 4, Divinity 1. You now have met the maximum 10. Even though you have 1 more card in your Rune deck, you CAN NOT play it for the rest of that game.)
-If a Rune says Rune/Chant or some other typing besides chant that might exist, you may run it in your main deck too if you so choose. You can only run 3 in your main deck though if you have 1 in your Rune deck.

-Runes that simply say ‘Rune’ for their type, can only ever be played in a Rune deck.

-Runes that say ‘Master Rune’ are only to be used specifically with the ruler they say they correspond with (this may extend to certain color rulers as well)

-Runes play at Chant speed unless they have quickcast.

-You can only reveal a Rune if you have paid it’s cost before/during reveal. You cannot simply reveal a Rune and not pay for it

Hopefully that helps clear things up! Let us know of any other questions/points we can add to this list.


If you guys haven’t seen it already, we did an interview with Jeff Finnigan (Global Liaison) on our Podcast this week! You can watch that HERE

On it he talked about Runes, New Valhalla, and more with some interesting insight and explanations for things that will happen. I highly recommend giving it a listen! 

That’s about all for today. Hopefully these helped clear up some points! Be sure to check out the Top 8 results of the Asia Championship, GP Denver, and ARG Nationals!