FOW News! GenCon Recap, Spoilers, Exclusives! Also Warhammer

If you prefer the video version of the news click below:

We got a couple things to go over, including other card games so let’s get to it!


So GenCon happened this past weekend! Quite a lot happened so we’ll break down the important bits here.


There were GenCon exclusive items that we had talked about, but now we see them in person! Below you can see the Little Dread figurine, of which only 120 were made (we are told). 

There were also the Malaysian Energize Coins, of which there were 20 variants! There were also uber versions of the coins you could pull. Only 1-2 Ubers exist of each coin variant! 

Also staff that worked there received a personalized energize coin/token as you can see below (courtesy SigmaPatton).

Spoiled Cards

They also did something new and really cool this year! Over the course of  a day they would slowly reveal 2 cards from the new set, spoiled by attendees. It was a neat idea and generated a lot of excitement. 

As you might have noticed, spoilers have already started. We have daily videos on those if you are interested. These cards, however, aren’t part of the main spoilers so you can see them below (since we won’t cover them outside of our podcast)


There was also a 10 man tournament they ran there. First place ended up going to Zach Bayne who beat out Billy Buttons. Zach was running a Kirik deck there, getting an unpaid invite to Worlds!

Side Note

We did get a report that at the event they were selling TSW boxes. The interesting thing is we were told they were selling first print run boxes. This is interesting because the first print run had the misprint rulers, however the means of exchange is pretty much limited to GP’s now. If this were the case it would be kind  of weird on FOW’s part because it feels like they are just trying to clear inventory by giving not as up to date product. Hopefully this turns out not to be the case but we’ll have to wait and see.

That’s all the main things that happened at GenCon. Was really fun to follow that online, looking forward to next year’s!


We got an interesting look at some product available at the Asia Championship in Guangzhou. As far as we can tell this is available for purchase at the event, not prizing (or a mix of both). Nowhere to buy online, only available there, but it looks really awesome.

Might be a similar situation to the Caster Chronicles event/product we had seen awhile back where it was only available on site or online in that specific region.

Here is some more images of said product:


There was a GP that took place in China over the weekend. They are currently keeping their lists secret until later this week/weekend. When that happens we’ll update with a Top 8 article as always!


We are getting Jeff back on the Podcast! Look forward to that either this upcoming Tuesday or the following Tuesday. He will be coming on to talk about Valhalla, as well as answer questions we have compiled from you guys! 

We’re excited to talk to him more and find out some more hype stuff about New Valhalla going forward.


In non-FOW news, this past week a new card game came out called Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – Champions. We’ll be doing a couple videos probably for it that will release on the weekend (one per week) if that is something people like seeing.

It’s really fun and has a simple to learn play style, but complex gameplay. Great card quality as well that reminded me of FOW. Just another small thing to look forward to!

If you have played the game, you know about the APP that lets you scan cards. Here are Oscar and mine’s to help us rack up some points! 😀

That’s about all the news for today. Have fun!