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FOW News! LiveStream Summary, Transformers Giant Card

If you prefer the video version of the news, click below:

We have a decent amount of things to talk about after skipping last week’s news, so let’s get started.


So we got another live streamed discussion with Jeff this month! This time around he also had a special guest in the from of FOW CEO Eiji! If you’d like to see a more detailed video summary of it, click HERE.

Otherwise here is a more condensed version of the highlights:

There are GenCon figurines! If you are lucky enough to attend GenCon there will be little custom FOW figures as pictured! Those leaked images are all we really know about it but looks cool!

GenCon Exclusives:
More on GenCon is some exclusives! So Cody Jennings revealed in the Facebook US group that there will be a redemption sheet. You will complete this via QR codes it sounds like. You will then be able to redeem it for prizing. It sounds like some of the prizing might have to do with the image below that but we’ll see for sure at the event.

There will also be FOW energize tokens, an exclusive GenCon card (pictured below) and a tournament at GenCon so we’ll be sure to keep you guys up to date on that!

They also mentioned they are working on different marketing strategies to help in the advertisement department. As we’ve talked about before, I think advertising is one of FOW’s biggest shortcomings, so it’s great to hear that is something they are working on going into the next cluster.

Will Power:
Will Power Rewards will be announced sometime in August so keep an eye out for that and scan your codes!

Two major green abilities will be moving out into other colors this next cluster. We don’t know what they are, but will figure it out pretty quickly when spoilers start (August 6th). Cancel is still in green, but it has been dialed back pretty heavily according to Jeff.

Printing Company:
There is a new printing company! After the honestly mediocre print quality/consistency of the last 2 sets, FOW is switching print companies! Hopefully this will help restore the card quality back to what we are used to in this game.

No word on whether booster boxes will switch back to the better designs or not, Jeff said it depends on the print companies capabilities.

Artwork Spoiled:
We got some artwork revealed as well as you can see below! The artwork varies from being on Rune cards to Resonators so something to look forward to!


So over the weekend 3 GP’s happened. You can see the results by clicking the ‘Top 8’ tab on our website and scrolling to the bottom. Malaysia was New Frontiers, the other 2 were Reiya Cluster so keep that in mind as you look over them!


So this isn’t really a piece of news as much as an observation. After the Collinsville GP there was a decent amount of speculation that Sherry was going to be Emergency Banned due to here consistent power showing.

After that didn’t happen it was thought the company was waiting to see the results of the Japan GP to make a final decision. 
However, the Japan GP has long come and gone. During that GP there was a 30% showing of Sherry, however she took up 6 of the top 8 spots. Since then there has been no word on a ban for her, which leads us to pretty assuredly say she won’t be banned.

I’d love to know how they decided to not ban it. Hopefully the next cluster helps balance it out at least, otherwise the game is in for some trouble ahead.


So that’s a real image of a starter deck set for Transformers. You can see a normal size card on the left, behind it is a Commander sized card. That card on the right is much, much bigger and something actually used for play! That is both hilarious and awesome at the same time. The card that is large is Metroplex, which is meant to be the size of a city so I love the flavor of it being big. 

If you guys want to follow the little bits of Transformers news be sure to join either the US Group HERE or the Transformers Card Game Group HERE. We also did a little video introduction to the game you can watch HERE if you are new.


According to a couple stores in Canada, due to a licensing issue Canada might not be able to get the game. Not sure the specifics and how it plays into it, but if that is true that would really suck both for the game and the people there. We’ll keep this updated as we find out more.

That’s about all the news for today! Let us know what you think, and we’ll see you next week!