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Resonators are annoying. Let’s face it — they’re a let down in a whole lot of ways. They die pretty easily when you don’t want them to, stay on the board when you do. And they’re always grinning at you with those smug little mana producing, effect flickering faces. So, let’s make the game more fun! Let’s try and teach everyone how enjoyable the game will be when no one gets to use resonators and everyone gets to play the game with anything else! You know that everyone will have fun with this way of playing for sure — because at the end of the  day, when cards are raining down from the sky in a mixture of fire and glory, you’ll be laughing plenty for all involved. Rain’s coming. Get your umbrellas.

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Machine Gun Scarlet



Now, the synergy here should be very obvious very swiftly. The Dusk Girl enjoys pitching cards like baseballs, except towards people’s teeth rather than a wooden bat. Usually its a big sacrifice to have to throw away your own cards to keep the board clear, and you can find yourself without a hand in a hurry. Of course, that usually means you can then Judgment her for the same price as a cheap side of fries, however that doesn’t quite help you in the long run if someone can deal with her.

On the other side, we have Flute. She taps. She draws a card. As simple as that. Giving us access to blue is plenty fine since it gives us access to all sorts of different draw cards — plenty that we’ll never have to use or care about. Because Flute is all we really need! The beauty of her is that she draws us cards entirely for free, ensuring that we can keep our mana open to continue slinging mud at our opponents.

Thus an award winning combination is forged in which we can perpetually make our opponent’s boards realize their own mortality and we win the game! Done deal, done deal. Of course, it isn’t quite that simple. We still have to deal with multiple opponents and a tremendous amount of life points, and if the game goes on for long enough we’ll still be chewing through more of our resources than we need to.
Thankfully, that’s what we have 60 other cards for. The interesting thing about running a deck like this is that Scarlet’s effect runs two-fold. Certainly we can watch the entire world’s resonators burn to the ground — but at the same time all of the cards in our hand are capable of doing other things! Discarding, disabling, and generally making the world a living hell for anything that breathes — that’s the name of the game. But how do we get to rule this hellish wasteland and make it our own?
That all starts with

The Early Game

So, as it typically is with the early game, we’re trying to ensure that all of our plays are being set up nicely. While drawing through our deck with Flute,our goals are trying to do the following;

  • Pitch — Pitching huge, brick cards that don’t do us any good early game is a fantastic way to start setting up the graveyard for our secondary strategy, Recursion. Throwing out big dumb idiots like Yamata-no-Orochi, Umr, and Remote Control Golem can really help us set up for some thoroughly insane plays later on in the game, especially once we upgrade with some Valhalla shenanigans!
  • Control — Unfortunately it will still remain true that we won’t be able to keep the board entirely clean forever. Picking away at our opponent’s hands can be very thoroughly useful, though being able to rush either a Home of the Ultra Dragon, Al-Haber, or Realm of the Dragon King can very quickly turn the game towards our favor, making it very thoroughly dangerous for our opponents to play basically anything for likely the rest of the game.
Of course, we can only keep this up so long — and what’s the point if we’re not going to try and do something really big, really dumb, and really explosive? Really, it tends to start with just one, single little card. Once one of the more laughed at cards in the game, the second it reaches the battlefield both you and everyone else will swiftly know —
They’ll know you’ve entered

The Mid Game

If we were applying pressure earlier, we’re now starting to strangle people. The moment Leviathan hits the field, that field kind of isn’t even really there anymore. Things are made a lot stronger if he’s cheated out in some way. It should be relatively simple to do that with cards such as Valentina, the Crumbling Illusion, Umr (with Valhalla shenanigans), and other such cards. Having a fully stocked hand when Leviathan enters the field essentially means 1 of 2 things.

  • Your opponent’s field is going to be empty.
  • Your hand’s also going to be empty.

Being able to cheat this out with Valentina is very most ideal, since you essentially get to clean up shop for free. In this way you can just pay a measly 1 to bring out Scarlet and start beating people to death. A free sucker punch for 1000 damage is great. Even better if they’re not actually able to deal with her. Because that means the very next turn that’s another 1000 damage. And another 1000. And another. Even if she gets Black Moonbeamed, she can pitch a few cards and come right back out anyway. And what’s more?

You still have a 1500 Leviathan on the field who’ll also be punching someone in the teeth. If they can’t deal with your Leviathan as well (since most Resonators are probably not going to last very long) then that’s another 1500 damage coming their way. But even better.
If Valentina’s also on the board, then if they don’t deal with her, then Leviathan is simply going to come right back and continue doing what it was doing before.

So, we’ve essentially taken the old formula from before (keeping the board pretty squeaky clean from creatures, save for the blood and smoke) and turned it up a notch by actually adding face to fist contact. But it’s not quite over as of yet. Because, now that we have a damaging engine online, chances are we’re going to start coming under some pretty heavy scrutiny. Thankfully we can start running through yet more cards thanks to being able to draw 2 cards every turn. But, where does this leave us?

This leaves us with a very well stocked graveyard.
This leaves us with a decent mana supply.
This leaves us at

The Late Game

Now, with certain combinations of cards we can actually set up some pretty stupid value engines (such as with Crumbles + Guin + Duplication Mirror), but at this point we essentially want to close out the game. And we have several ways of doing this. Our biggest and likely most common routes being;

  • Beat Them all to Death — With a well stocked graveyard we can either bring out Corpse Gorger like cards (such as Deep Ones, Elder Things, and Prokaryotic Being) which at this point could have as little as 1000 attack, and upwards to as much as 3000 attack without breaking much of a sweat. There’s also a lot of other big dumb idiots such as Azathoth and Remote Control Golem that not only put on more pressure, but actually stick pretty gosh darned well until the game’s over.

  • Big Damage Spells — Sometimes your opponent won’t listen to your resonators however. Sometimes they’ll only listen to a top decked damage spell. It’s like the old days wherever someone would win by top decking a Thunder. Except its a 2,000 damage spell that can’t be cancelled.

  • Politics — If you’ve been playing a decent political game this entire time, then you can pretty quickly finish off the game regardless. Keeping your mana and your cards up means that for a large portion of the game your opponents have been more focused on weeding out each other rather than you. This also means holding onto key combo pieces all the while, such as access to Yamata-no-Orochi and Nightmares of Ry’leh, which can single handedly remove a player from the game if left unblocked.

Valhalla Upgrades

Now, if there’s anything that this deck is pretty lacking in, is cheap and/or multi-faceted ways of recurring creatures and very quickly refilling on an empty hand. Upgrading to Valhalla grants us the ability to do both! In fact, this also makes Umr a lot more empowered than he was before, allowing him to quickly grab both Book of Eibon and Oath of Dead to quickly resurrect two resonators for the price of one, very valuable!

New Stream is also thoroughly valuable in this situation. Whether you’re trying to quickly recover from Leviathan’s hand puking efforts or simply offload a pretty dead hand while there aren’t any resonators on the field, it’s a pretty useful card.
Oath of Dead is a thoroughly cheap card you can use to animate a dead thing in your graveyard. With the inclusion of this card and others I’d highly suggest changing the deck’s format to become way more reanimation heavy — and I’d also thoroughly suggest the inclusion of cards such as Shadow Doppelganger and Dance of Shadows to get the reanimation train going strong.

In Conclusion

This deck isn’t quite the flashiest and relies on quite a bit of talking and combo pieces to start becoming a doomsday engine of pain and agony. But, with a very strong early game that ensures either your opponents remain miserable or you’re entirely safe and protected this deck’s biggest advantage is being the rattler at the table. Always try and leave that as an option, and if offers are thrown your way for your opponents to keep their creatures on the field, maybe give them a listen, as long as they point their advantage towards someone other than yourself. This can be a very fun deck to play if you like watching your opponents suffer, but to actually win the game you still need eliminate three other players. And this is just how we do it!

More than anything else — talk with the table, and sooner or later you’ll be able to become the big bad King of Heck in no time.

So! What do you guys think? Is a reanimation strategy viable in a format where Dark Alice can run rampant? Think you’ll still be able to keep any of your friends after you’ve played this deck? Comment below and let me know!

And until next time, I’m going to polish my gun.
Which happens to be a girl.