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Panda Bomb Deck Profile

If you’d like to see the video version of the deck profile, click HERE

So as many of you know, I love me some Panda. However the panda deck does have some trouble in the current climate. Everything from Severing, to Laurite, to just all around resonator hate makes it a hard deck to pilot. So I decided to instead go all in on the ruler himself, Taegrus. I have the deck list/image below, as well as the top 5 cards. These are the cards that I personally think have to stay in the deck no matter what. You can change and alter the deck as needed, but once you start switching these out it becomes a different deck and/or not as functional.

Taegrus Pearlshine x 1

Main Deck x 40
Winds of Vitality x 2
Power of the Emperor x 2
Magic Sweets x 4
Rapid Growth x 2
Faerur’s Spell x 2
Approaching the Truth x 4
Arrival of the Hero x 4
Miscalculation x 3
Severing Winds x 3
Discovery x 4
Escaped Jeweler x 4
Gem Mallet Panda x 4
Sprinting Flame Horse x 2

Stone Deck x 10
Magic Stone of Gusting Skies x 4
Pricia’s Memoria x 4
Magic Stone of Heat Ray x 2

Top 5 Cards:

Winds of Vitality

This and Power of the Emperor are identical cards, in case you were wondering. But this is the big hitter in the deck. This puts your panda at the necessary damage (minus 2) needed to nearly OTK your opponent. Without this, or with any lesser damage card in the deck the whole thing just slows down.

Gem Mallet Panda

This card is beyond essential. It gives you TWO gems per turn you put it in. This is absolutely necessary ramp. Even if they laurite it, you still get the light gem off of Taegrus. It also taps to banish gems for will, which helps in sticky situations (such as banishing a green gem to play Faerur’s spell), or ramp situations (such as producing light will to judgement super early, or judgement with will to spare). It’s an obvious necessity.


This card is necessary because draw power is really important here. Getting stuck with not very useful cards can hurt really bad in OTK decks. Not only does this help combat that, but it also helps with your gem generation! Which is very important to get your combo off. I mention in the video that you need a minimum of 3-4 light gems, and 1 dark gem or 1 blue gem before you even judgement.

Arrival of the Hero

I shouldn’t have to explain this one too much. But it’s a free destruction card that gets rid of resonators that would block your ruler when it swings in. Even if it’s cancelled, you’ve lost out on no will and still have access to your darkness gems if needed. It can also be used for just destroying problem resonators before you swing in to help  you survive as well.

Escaped Jeweler

Lastly is this guy. Now technically, he isn’t specifically essential. However if you are to take him out, you must replace him with some other type of gem generation. I’ve tried the deck without him and it just doesn’t produce enough gems consistently. The reason I like this card though is because not only does he produce gems, but with just 1 card you can keep bouncing him  and producing more and more gems, all the while you are resting problem resonators your opponent has. Resting them can either prevent possible damage, or resting can help you set up your J-Ruler for swinging in with no blockers!

That’s about it for this deck. Let us know what you think and we’ll see you later!