FOW News! New Rulers! Architects Delayed, Promos/Playmat

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Starter Decks:

We got our first look at the starter decks and rulers for next cluster! If you didn’t know, we are starting the next cluster off with 5 starter decks. Each deck will contain 2 rulers that will be the only 10 rulers we get the entire cluster.

So we have the deck boxes above, and below we have images of all 10 rulers! Let’s start getting excited!

We also got confirmation that each ruler just has the 3 generic abilities of ‘Energize’ ‘Judgement’ and ‘Divinity’. No other text or abilities on the Ruler side. All the J-Ruler sides look like they have 1000 Attack and Defense as well and blurred out abilities.

Architects Delayed (Again):

Surprise! Architects was delayed for the 3rd time (or was it the 4th? I lost track…). The game is approaching being delayed for a year, even after switching formats from a normal TCG. Not surprising since they ‘started’ spoiler season almost 3 months ago with 1 set of spoilers then stopped. It’s disappointing too because I was really looking forward to this game, but with all these delays I’m kind of over it, not to mention crazy cautious about the quality etc with all these delays and changes.

The official statement is as follows if you are interested:

Hello Architect Fans~
A release update from the Architect Design Team. Unfortunately, we will be postponing the release of the Architect decks due to development plans with our game. While the game itself is fun and the art beautiful, we found several aspects of the game that we would like to modify and devote more time to. We want to ensure that our products are of the highest quality, and so we found that it would be better to properly development our game and implement our vision correctly, rather than rush an incomplete product out. When we have fixed these issues and are prepared to release our product in its complete form, we will make another announcement.

We apologize for this inconvenience.

-Architect Team

No official word on when we might see the product, or even hear from the team again.

Casters Promos:

We have summer promos for Caster Chronicles! Not sure if these will see release in the US, but they look awesome! Seems to be following the same vein as FOW did with their summer promos awhile back. Just got this picture, no word on release or availability as of now.

New GP Playmat:

Looks like Japan is getting a new playmat for the GP! As you can see it looks awesome. Once again, no word on whether we will see it in the US. I hope we do though! I really want one and don’t want to pay a whole lot of money for it.

ARG States:

This weekend is ARG States! Be sure to check the ARG website to find a location near you that is running one. We will be having on here in Austin, TX if anybody is in the area to attend! We’ll report on as much data as is made available from the different events across the US. 

Below is the playmat available to winners as well!

That about does it for the news today. Hope you enjoy!