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The Caster Chronicles: Magical Dream 7 Deck Profile

Hi everyone, there has been a recent demand for decklists for Caster Chronicles so I figured i’d show off a deck idea that is extremely powerful and accessible to new players as it is based entirely on the most recent Booster set and Starter Deck.

Magical Dream 7 is a deck themed around the Idol band of the same name. Every card (including conjures) shares the “Earnest” type which means they all work with the DCT mechanic (Dreams Come True). Simply put, when a card says DCT X it means the card gains that ability as long as the amount of earnest cards in your graveyard is equal to or greater than the number listed.

For example, “Kamiel of Temperance” has “DCT 1—[Enter] -> Each player puts a servant from their graveyard to their hand. Then, you may pay any amount of aether. You may put a servant with a cost equal to or less than the amount of aether payed this way plus three from your hand into the field.” This means that unless you have 1 or more Earnest type cards in the graveyard, the card will not be able to utilize that ability.

The other mechanic the deck utilizes is called “United Front”. Characters with United Front  can be played with aether produced by any caster of the type listed. In the case of Magical Dream 7, the cards in the deck all feature “United Front (Idol)” which means any Idol caster can be used to play them. Without further delay, lets dig into the deck.

First I will explain each servant and the role it has in the deck.

  • Asami,Mei, Reina: These are cheap to play characters with break. They have early game utility if you need to push and also have very low DCT requirements for the break to be usable. Mei is especially useful with 4000 ATK after DCT 7, which makes her an invaluable stall breaker, Asami is very well rounded, featuring a very strong early game defense for blocking and later game has a very impressive 3000 atk. Reina is less useful but still provides break at a low DCT value and a reasonable stat line.

  • Non: Non provides incredible value, although she needs DCT 7 to see full usage. Drawing two cards is a very good way to refill your hand, especially when played from her break ability. Otherwise, she offers good stats, although nothing impressive for 4 cost.

  • Tomomi: The most lackluster of the break cards, however, she is still played as a 4 of to make the most of the decks powerful break abilities. Playing her allows you to have a backup plan when attacked by aggro decks, as not only does she provide an additional break card to block attacks, she also provides the ability to take a level 3 or lower servant as long as she was played with her break ability.

  • Erena: This is the decks ultimate boss, not only does Erena provide you with spot removal and a whopping 7000 atk with 4000 defense, she also sports Hubris and Double Corrupt. It’s worth noting that all of these things require DCT 7, and that Erena doesn’t provide a huge amount of value when played without those abilities. Erena is also able to be played on your opponents turn using the lvl 2 effect of Maria Ai which can allow for some very devastating counter plays.

Next, I will go into each caster.

Kurono Coley
  • Kurono Coley: Providing hubris isn’t critical, but can often be a great way to seal the finishing blow.

Pulitzer Lotta
  • Pulitzer Lotta: Pulitzer lets you discard duplicate casters to draw a card, which allows you to both filter poor draws out of your hand as well as set up your graveyard for DCT abilities. This is a slow way to do so however, so Pulitzer should be used carefully and with tempo in mind.

Maria AiMaria Ai

  • – Maria Ai Lvl 1: Provides additional draw, but ultimately is only in the deck to allow for the Level 2 to shine.
  • – Maria Ai Lvl 2: This caster provides an almost unfair tempo swing when it uses its ability, by banishing another Maria Ai, you can Search your deck for a Band with a cost equal to or less than the total amount of Earnest cards in an allied graveyard and put it into the field. The only card you should be playing with this effect is Erena, as it essentially allows you to cheat her in at instant speed as if she were a quickcast card. You can utilize this to play her on your opponents turn, or after you have attacked with other servants to go for the win. You can continue to utilize this ability later in the game by setting more copies of Maria Ai face down.

Emi Schardt
  • Emi Schardt: Emi allows you to look at the top 3 cards of your deck, which is useful with the variety of draw effects the deck has. Just like Pulitzer, you need to be very mindful of your tempo while doing this or you will endup very behind in the game.

  • Lief: Giving your opponent slow start is not always useful, but there are several matchups like Tengu where it very likely is your only saving grace when you need to have an extra bit of staying power.

  • Marigold: Unlike Pulitzer, Marigold doesn’t require a caster in hand, although she does fit a similar purpose. A large tradeoff for this flexibility is that she can send important cards to the grave (Erena) and she is not guaranteed to draw a card even if the character is earnest as the casters are Idol type and not Band type.

  • Airi: Airi is single-handedly the most important card in the deck and the one you always want to start the game with. Games where you open Airi are significantly more likely to end in your favor as you can easily reach DCT 7 by turn 2. She also provides late game potential by allowing you to recycle your servants into copies of Erena that have ended up in your graveyard. If Airi is not in your opening hand you should aggressively mulligan to draw her. It worth noting Airi is not an Idol or earnest caster and does not count for united front or DCT.

Popularity Contest
  • Popularity Contest: Although not actually a caster itself, Popularity Contest is an earnest card that allows you to search any Idol caster from your deck (including Maria Ai Lvl 2) while contributing to DCT when played or sent to grave.

So now that I’ve gone over the concept of the deck and the cards inside of it, I’m sure you are asking why I’m not playing several cards. I will go through several cards, why I initially had them in the deck and ultimately why they were cut.

Rafina Soa is essentially a second copy of any caster on your field, it allows you to stand any lvl 1 caster and use it a second time. Rafina is a staple in basically any deck, so why not play her? Sadly she often end up getting sent from deck to grave by Airi or ends up being discarded, and without earnest she doesn’t contribute to your goal of getting to a high DCT. Rafina is also a poor draw in your opening hand as she does not have united front and only Non can be played with yellow which doesn’t factor in until turn 4.

Bamanon, Source of Greed is the ultimate late game heal. It allows you to take the copious amounts of card advantage the deck obtains and stuff it back into your life orbs. By the time you can play Bamanon you will already have DCT 7 so any break cards you place in your orbs will be active, especially Non. In practice however, Bamanon is too slow. By the time you can play Bamanon you have already won or lost the game, and ultimately your other servants already have more power and utility at a lower cost. Finally, Bamanon also does not have earnest so is a very poor early game draw or mill from Airi.

Ayutaila can discard a caster to draw a card, just like Pulitzer Lotta. Unfortunately we have already covered that this is a very slow way to build your graveyard, and there isn’t a need to duplicate and existing caster to do so.  

Sexy Song has an amazing ability as well as the earnest type. Taking every servant from your opponent is probably the strongest ability in the game. Sadly, most of the time you would want to play this the field will be empty or your opponent will be able to remove the cards from the board leaving you empty-handed.
That about raps up my profile on Magical Dream 7. Got a question about Caster Chronicles or a deck you would like me to explore next? Let me know!
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