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To start, there are seven different factions in the game, each representing a different concept:

  • Solis (Orange), representing gluttony. Solis allows you to force the opponent to consume their own resources or consume your own for a burst of power.
  • Luna (Yellow), representing greed. Luna is focused on gaining resources, primarily through card draw.
  • Ignus (Red), representing wrath. Ignus is focused around combat strength and eliminating opposing servants.
  • Aqua (Blue), representing envy. Aqua revolves around strategy and control.
  • Silva (Green), representing sloth. Silva focuses on slowing down the game and playing strong creatures to overpower the opponent.
  • Aes (Pink), representing lust. Aes allows you to take control of enemy servants and switch their positions.
  • Terra (Purple), representing pride. Tera cards are physically weaker and often take unique routes to battling the enemy rather than fighting them head-on.
The Caster Chronicles is a very different game then Force of Will. Although it still involves playing creatures (called Servants) and spells (Conjures) by using mana (which is referred to as Aether in this game), the core gameplay mechanics are very different. Your Aether is generated by cards known as Casters (equivalent to magic stones or lands). Following the trend of Magic: The Gathering these are shuffled into your 50 card deck and must be drawn and played from your hand.  Also like Magic, they can only be placed once per turn. This is where the similarities between Magic and Caster Chronicles end as you are able to play cards from your hand facedown to produce colorless Aether should you not draw enough casters.

  Most Casters have a unique ability that can be applied instead of producing Aether, but this is balanced by the fact that you can only control 1 caster of each name, all others have to be placed face down in order to use them as a caster. An exception is Lvl2 casters, which require you to play them on top of an existing caster and usually allow you to banish the Lvl1 version to gain an extra ability.

In order to play a card, you need to be able to produce at least 1 Aether of its color, but the rest of the cost can be paid with Aether of any color. This means it is much harder to play low-cost cards of a different color, while high-cost cards are very simple to play.

Another big difference that sets the game apart is the life mechanic. Each player places 7 cards from the top of their deck into the field face-down as an Orb and when another player attacks them directly they choose an orb to corrupt. When an Orb is corrupted you add it to your hand, but if it has the {Break} keyword you can play it immediately at instant speed. I like this a lot, as it is very similar to the rune mechanic from my favorite digital card game Elder Scrolls Legends (Kaijudo fans will also recognize this).

Having the Orb mechanic allows a player who is getting hit very early to have a way to fight back, as not only do you draw the card they corrupt, you have a chance of getting a very powerful ability or servant that your opponent will have trouble dealing with.

The Orb mechanic is a very important gameplay component and fits very well with the system of combat. Like most games, Attack and Defense are both extremely important. Unlike most other games, when a servant is put into play it can attack immediately, with the exception of the first turn. A servant can either attack another servant or make an attack on an Orb, corrupting it. If a Servant is reversed (upside down), the attacking player is not able to corrupt an Orb unless it is removed from the field or its position is changed. The only time the servant defending an attack is destroyed is when the attacker has more attack then they do. If you attack a reversed creature, you compare the defender’s defense to your attack instead. Finally, if you attack a player and there is no Orb to corrupt, you win the game.

Caster Chronicles is a very interesting game that combines powerful mechanics from other games with a unique and polished twist. I look forward to seeing the game grow and expand and will continue to experiment with deck ideas and card interactions to see what these cards can do.

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Hi everyone, there has been a recent demand for decklists for Caster Chronicles so I figured i’d show off a deck idea that is extremely powerful and accessible to new players as it is based entirely on the most recent Booster set and Starter Deck.

Magical Dream 7 is a deck themed around the Idol band of the same name. Every card (including conjures) shares the “Earnest” type which means they all work with the DCT mechanic (Dreams Come True). Simply put, when a card says DCT X it means the card gains that ability as long as the amount of earnest cards in your graveyard is equal to or greater than the number listed.

For example, “Kamiel of Temperance” has “DCT 1—[Enter] -> Each player puts a servant from their graveyard to their hand. Then, you may pay any amount of aether. You may put a servant with a cost equal to or less than the amount of aether payed this way plus three from your hand into the field.” This means that unless you have 1 or more Earnest type cards in the graveyard, the card will not be able to utilize that ability.

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If you prefer the video version of the news, click below:

Be sure to check out the ‘Top 8’ section above to see the results of the 3 GP’s that happened over the weekend! With that let’s go into the news.

GP Collinsville:
Oscar and Colin from Team ARG attended GP Collinsville! While neither did really good, we did have a lot of fun and will have a small vlog about our journey coming out soon alongside the Podcast Interviews. You also might have caught Colin on the tail end of Day One’s livestream of the games! So be on the lookout for that podcast and vlog in the future!

TSW 2nd Print Run:

So the second print run of Time Spinning Witch is out and about now! If you haven’t already, ask your locals if they have any boxes that you may want to get. There are a couple problems you should know going into it before buying though.

Firstly, it appears that people are having problems with code cards. Anywhere from a couple, to more than half of code cards might not work in a single box. The way to remedy this currently is simply to email support at Force of Will with said problem to help remedy it.

Second problem is the print quality (again). People have been reporting lower quality holos as well as almost non existent texturing on the cards. This was a problem before with second print runs, but it was assumed after the disaster of the first print run, they (the print company) would attempt to do at minimum similar, if not higher quality printing. 

I’d love to know one day why the huge switch in print companies, after several not great quality sets. It probably comes down to finances, however this hurts the main pull of the game, which is it’s art and card quality. That’s something you should keep investing in if you want people to keep noticing and coming to this game from others.

Rulers/Factions revealed:

A new article came out last week that went over the next cluster and what to expect! I highly recommend checking out the whole thing in the link below:

Highlights of the article for the factions are:

We have the Country of the Sun, Minerva that is Norse Mythology with Odin and light colored probably.
Moonlit Paradise, Lunar Heaven which is Greek Mythology and probably light as well.
City of Mirage, Sandora which is Egyptian Mythology and red.
Land of Fiery Ambition, Kunlun which uses Chinese Mythology and red.
The Knight’s Castle in the Sky, Sky Round is the Knights of the Round Table and Deus Ex Machina and blue.
Forest of the Lost, Misty Woods which is Norse but with Loki and blue as well.
The Village of the Spirited Away, Kouga which uses a traditional Japanese worldview (ninja cats) and is green.
The Forgotten Sanctuary, Lost Isles which uses Indian Mythology and is green as well.
Ruins of Neverending Rain, Rainruins that uses Abrahamic looks like with Satan and is black.
Bottomless Chasm of Death, the Abyss which uses Hel and Lich and is black also.

That’s your run down of the factions! For more details visit the website!

Ruler League Promos:

We got our look at this month’s promos! Pretty interesting direction they took Thought control. Definitely very colorful. But I really like the looks overall of them and look forward to collecting both!

Sherry Ban:

Could we be getting a Sherry ban? For our thoughts as well as the thoughts of various people including DM073, Rob (who runs US tournaments) and more check out our smaller podcast this week! But it sounds like the company might end up taking action after this most recent tournament. 

Both Rob and Jeremy confirmed that there is at least talks in the air about it. It’s basically in the hands of the company now, and we will most likely find out within the next week or two if that is a reality.

Asia Championship:

So the Rachel promo we had talked about before on the News is part of the Asia Championship in Guangzhou. I thought I’d include what all the prizes look like for the event. This includes A playmat, 2 different sleeves, the Rachel promo, and 2 side event playmats that I really like. Check them all out below!


Lastly if you are a Patron our Playmat Giveaway is about to roll! If you want to find out if you won check out the Video News or just check your private messages on Patreon!

That’s all the news for today. Have fun!