FOW News! Valhalla Release Dates, WGP Info, and Caster Promos!

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So we got quite a lot to go over this week, especially compared to last week so let’s get started!

Next Set Release Dates and Playmat:

We got our first information about the release of the next set! This will be the start of the New Valhalla Cluster, with ‘A New Dawn Rises’. As you can see we have the playmat for pre-release! Looks pretty awesome.
The date of the Pre-Release will be September 21st! This will also be the release day of all 5 starter decks.
If you remember, these 5 starters will have 2 rulers in each and 64 cards that include the deck, stones, and runes. The estimated MSRP currently is between $15 and $18 each for those.

The actually set will release the following week on the 28th! We will let you guys know more information as we get closer.

Rachel Promo in China:

China listed this Rachel card as their promo for a tournament they will be holding (similar to a GP I’d assume). Not a lot of details to go off of, but I’d assume this is an official FOW card. If so, the question becomes if we will ever see this hit the states or not. It’s really pretty and would be awesome to see more of.

Rune Card Information:

FOW released the second part of their article regarding the rune cards. We had talked about this awhile back, and now we get more specifics regarding the cards. I’ll go over a couple bullet points, for the detailed information just click below:

-Rulers will have a Divinity number, such as Divinity (10)
-You will have an extra deck of up to 5 cards that will have Rune cards
-Each Rune card will have a Divinity cost, you cannot play more cards than your Divinity allows. So if your ruler has Divinity 10, you can play a Rune card with cost of 3, another with cost of 5, and another for cost of 2. After that you cannot play anymore cards from your extra deck. The cards will have normal will cost as well
-You can play multiple Runes in a turn, but not a single Rune multiple times

FOW WGP Dates:

We got our dates for the Worlds Tournament! In a quite funny video (which I will link below) the CEO announced the dates, which will be September 22nd and 23rd. This is 1 week before the next cluster gets released, and right after the starter decks go live so this should prove to be interesting on what they do with the format.

All the info for Caster’s Next Set/Promos:

So we got a big information dump for you guys on Caster Chronicles! The next set, titled The Earnest Workers VS The Supreme Talents will be released 08/03! Spoilers have already started, if you missed my weekly video on that. The booster box and buy-a-box promo are shown below. The promo is a Level 2 Caster as well!

There also is a new set of promos that came out! Not sure the context of these, but they are pretty awesome and even include some FOW art! (Although without the character name). It also introduces a Caster with the Break mechanic! These both look really cool so be on the lookout for them!

That’s about all the news for today. Thanks for visiting!