FOW News! CoolStuffInc. Fiasco Update, Caster Spoilers

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Not a whole lot happened this week, so let’s go over what did happen.

CoolStuffInc. Update:

So there have been several updates on the situation with CoolStuff. If you missed it, CoolStuff was not giving people who order 3 boxes the Kaguya Promo. This was both in store and online orders (you can look at last week’s news for more details on that).

Since then there were several more stories of people ordering or picking up orders and not getting promos and/or playmats. This all happened with the backdrop of their website still selling Kaguya Promo singles (even though they weren’t accepting trade-ins). 

-As a side note, for an example on how this situation should be handled, Happy Little Hug Factory messaged us confirming they hadn’t received every single Kaguya Promo required in the boxes (Something CoolStuff tried to claim in at least one instance, claiming they only received 1 total even). However, they still fulfilled as many as they could. The ones they couldn’t they communicated as much to the customer and offered store credit or other compensation in exchange. 

The newest update on this story is actually two-fold. The first is one person posted a response they finally got from CoolStuffInc. They had ordered boxes online delivered, and did not get the promo. They emailed, and the reply they got back essentially said that they were sorry for the confusion, but the promos are only meant for people who buy boxes in store…

What? This was a clear deflection and lie. Not only are the promos supposed to go with all 3 boxes regardless of circumstance, but they didn’t give them out in store either! If they were holding them back from online purchases, that would mean they not only have them, but an minimum they have enough to give people who pick up in store the proper amount of promos.

The second follow up finally remedies the situation though for the most part it seems like. We got a private message from someone who had ordered through them saying they got no promo as well. They contacted CoolStuff and they replied saying they had messed up after seeing the reddit thread. After that they mailed him a promo. I am not sure if they are doing this with everyone, or only those who contact them etc but I would highly advise emailing them if you did not receive a promo. It’s crazy it took a reddit thread where multiple people said they would never shop there again to finally fix at least one (that we know of) case of this. They still have not emailed us back for a comment or clarification regarding any of this.

I personally will not shop there going forward. There are so many stores selling singles like HLHF that it doesn’t make sense to support someone who does not care about the players. If any other updates come forward we will follow up accordingly!

Caster Chronicles Spoilers:

Just a quick note. Caster Chronicles Spoiler season has started! We will start releasing our weekly videos of spoilers this Friday. This new set is all about school clubs! We have the Brass Club, Sports Club, and more! I’m really excited about this, and love that they are just going all in on the school theme now. We also have the introduction of a new mechanic and card type so be sure to tune in!

2,000 Subscribers:

Last tiny bit of news, but our Youtube Channel has hit 2K Subs! We are very excited about this and grateful for everyone who has supported us through all of this. We did a giant QandA stream on Youtube and Twitch. If you guys enjoyed that we are thinking of doing a monthly stream similar to that, since it was so much fun. We hope to meet some of you at Collinsville coming up!

A bit light on news this week, but that’s all, enjoy!