FOW News! New Promos! Valhalla Update, CoolStuffInc Being Shady!

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Another big news week! So let’s get going!

Ruler and Wanderer League Promos:

We got official looks at the new Promos coming out! We had seen the Wanderer promo technically already, however now we get to see it in its full glory! As well as the New Frontiers Promo. Really love the artwork on these, and excited to grab some as well.

WOM is Out:

In case you were living under a rock, the new set came out! As expected the ruler pull chance is all over the place. We had instances of no rulers being pulled, 2 rulers being pulled, 2 god packs being pulled and more.
Even after the printer problems of TSW, we also have another printing error! This is not in the US but rather Taiwan. The chase card for Ultra Dragon has Green as its attribute color instead of red. 
But make sure to get some of this set! Some really cool pulls, and some of my favorite artwork and staple cards I’ll be using going forward!

New Casters Set:

We got our first official information on the next Caster Chronicles set! The theme of the set will be ‘Club Activities’ and will be released August 3rd! The cards you see above are the Brass Band Club! That’s super awesome! And if you read the abilities, you’ll see they are continuing their support of the DCT and Earnest mechanics. This is not only great to see this support, but also just keeps adding more value to the Starter Deck, which had all the core Earnest mechanics etc.

FOW Database Gone:

So if anybody follows it, you’ll notice the FOW Card Database is gone. No, not the official one at the FOW Website, but the one over at This was the preferred choice for most players due to its ease of searching, better sorting, and overall better functionality. The official reasons for it going down are still unknown. There was talks that they were upgrading the site and something went wrong on the back end. Hopefully we’ll find out more information soon when it comes out.

UPDATE: The Database is back!  Albeit in a different form. The new address is here:

We have 2 statements regarding the sudden change from the people who created and were hosting the site. 

Alain: In summary he said that the death of the FOWDB was as sudden for him as anyone, and that he wasn’t going to blame anyone but the site had to close as the company has plans he doesn’t know about that will be announced later. He is aware the site is missing WOM cards and might slow down with a large amount of visitors. He just wanted to make sure the site was available for people because he felt it was owed for all the love people sent his way. His full statement can be found on the FOW US Facebook Group.

Robert: Robert messaged me with lots of information, which I will summarize. Basically the site is permanently gone, but everything else is normal as usual. There was just no reason for him to continue paying to host the site when it could be hosted freely. He acknowledged the timing of everything was messy due to travelling among other things.

So there we have it! Hopefully that clears up most things and it all goes back to normal now.

CoolStuffInc. Being Shady:

So many of you are aware of the website CoolStuff. They also have a physical storefront that apparently is having some problems. 2 different people reported having problems at that store when picking up boxes. One was told they were only given one of the Kaguya Buy-3-Boxes promos to give out in their entire shipment, another was specifically told they only got one promo per case (two very different stories). 
Because of this, one of them got 1 promo for buying an entire case (6 boxes)! He added he was also not even given the playmat for buying 6 boxes either. The other bought 6 boxes and got no promo whatsoever, being told the store straight up didn’t have any to give.

Now, this is especially strange considering that just 1 hour after one of them had bought their boxes, CoolStuff listed FIVE of the ruler promos on their website for sale (at the time going for $50 a piece)! And before anyone asks, they were not accepting that card to buy or for store credit at that time. This is something you should be not only aware of from that physical store, but any stores that might seem to be a bit shady with this whole endeavor. It is technically straight up theft because they are stealing product before giving it to people who paid for said product.

Hopefully something gets resolved, we are currently investigating further and will update with more information as it comes.

FOW Cluster Update:

So the company put out a news update for ‘New Valhalla’! This article says it is Part 1 of 2 so we’ll give updates on the next one when it comes out. As far as this one goes a couple interesting things to note:

-They talked about how Rulers started off pretty weak and progressively got stronger and stronger until it reached Pricia as the peak.
-They introduced sealed items on Rulers to help mitigate the power, to no avail
-The rune system will be taking the role of sealed items from this cluster
-Runes will be in booster packs instead of Rulers
-Runes will be used to ‘strengthen’ low power rulers,as shown in the graph below


ARG has come out with their own official FOW team! This is a team comprised of professional players and content creators that will be representing the ARG brand at GP and ARG events. Colin from TCG Scrubs will now be apart of this team as well! (For more information on that specifically, check out our recent podcast). This upcoming GP in Collinsville will be the first showing of some of the team members so look forward to that! You can check out the official Facebook page for it HERE and follow Colin on Twitter @ARGColin

That about does it for news today. Have fun!