FOW News! Valhalla Info! WOM Release, GP Info and More!

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We got lots of little tid bits this week so here we go!

Ruler Trade In Update:

So we have a bit of a PSA for everyone. When trading in your rulers for the non misprinted versions, please remember that Robert (who is heading the program) does not control the speed in which they are sent out. In fact he is very much hindered by the various incorrect trade ins that are being sent in. Just today he was talking about how he got several envelopes in that did not fully pay for postage, so he had to pay for it in order to get those rulers back to you guys.

So please don’t message or harass Robert regarding this. As I mentioned before they are sent in blocks it seems like, and these incorrect forms are slowing it down. Everything  will get to everyone eventually.

Kaguya Promo Update:

So we have a (slight) update on the Promo for anyone wondering. I messaged Robert asking about any updates regarding players getting their hands on this ruler via different means than the buy 3 box requirement. He told
me that the way to get them will be in the hands of your LGS. He couldn’t say anything more than that. This at least clarifies that it had nothing to do with pre-release, and probably nothing to do with buying boxes. So stay tuned for any updates on that!

Valhalla Cluster News:

So we got some interesting news for the next cluster. As it turns out, the next cluster will not include any Rulers inside booster boxes/packs! Instead the cluster will start off with 5 starter decks. Each of these starters will contain 2 rulers for a total of 10 rulers. These will be the only rulers throughout the rest of the cluster.

The booster boxes themselves will also be reducing in size to 110 possible unique cards to pull (from 150 before). This will mostly see an impact on the limited format. In that format also, we will see 3 new draft rulers. Jeff said their is a reason there is 3 and not 5, we just don’t know what it is yet. 

We did get confirmation from Jeff that each booster box will include pre-order lists for those original starter decks to ensure product never runs out with how important these will be.

TCGScrubs Store:

Just a fun side note is we launched a new version of our store! You can visit it at

Let us know what you think!

Patreon Giveaway:

We are doing another playmat giveaway! If you are already a Patron you are entered already. I’ll be giving away the pre-release playmat for WOM, plus another playmat probably. Just be a Patron and I’ll pull the winner next month!

WOM is Released:

Winds of the Ominous Moon comes out this Friday! So be sure to pre-order it if you haven’t already, and let us know on Discord, or something else what you pull etc!

Lackey Updated:

So if you have been following on Facebook or our Discord, there was some confusion surrounding the FOW-Modular Lackey plugin and it being updated. Main takeaway, it’s updated now! Simply go in and update as you normally do. If you had tried to do it the round about way, simply reverse all of that, then go and update like normal. He also fixed some of the broken cards and mis-worded ones as well!

Gameplay and Streaming:

So if you have followed the channel, you may have noticed a lack of gameplay videos. There are several reasons for this, the main being we felt it was better to wait for the set release before making more decks etc. Now that the set is coming out expect gameplay, deck profiles, and more going forward! We have some really awesome ideas that we are excited about.

Also keep an eye out for our streaming! Joe and Oscar are going to (attempt) to start to stream more regularly with multiple games, not just FOW. If you are interested in that be sure to check out our Twitch at TCGScrubs!

That’s about all for today. Thanks for visiting and see you next week!