FOW News! Huge Casters News, Misprint Ruler Update, and More

As always, if you prefer a video version of the news, click below:


There is a lot of news to go over today, including a big chunk of Caster Chronicles news! So let’s get started.

Misprint Rulers:

So following last week’s video I talked to Robert Hebert (the US head of FOW events and more) where he clarified a lot of things regarding the Misprint mail in program and why it might take so long for people to get stuff in. I’ll put his exact quote below:

I’d like to say I do not control the USPS even though I wish I could. The snail mail policy mandated by the company is far from ideal and does take to long imho.
In fact I recently received yours after receiving the May 17th spreadsheet. It was processed and went out with roughly 100 other packages and tbh should hopefully get to you early next week.
Also, one thing I think many players do not know is we have received a staggering 20-25% of incorrectly filled out forms. They have all kinds of missing information such as:
1. No forms at all (just a card/s)
2. No addresses or incomplete address
3. Wrong rulers listed
4. No rulers at all
All of these have to be called on to verify information and explain policy which can cause further delays.
Hopefully the company will revamp the system and allow me to track every package leading to a 2-3day ship if this ever happens again but that’s not my call to make. 

He went on to say that just a couple weeks ago he had about 80 forms for misprint rulers, and of those half were incorrectly filled out or missing items. So hope this helps clear things up. But please if you are mailing in rulers make sure you are doing everything correctly! The more thorough we all are with this process the faster all of us will get our new rulers in.

FOW Anniversary:

Not crazy news but just wanted to acknowledge that May 22nd was the 6th anniversary of the founding of FOW Co. Thought that was pretty cool!

GP Denver Update:

So the updates keep coming for GP Denver. Following it’s location and date change (see last week’s news) we are seeing a format change! Previously it was Sealed Format. But since this date change puts it farther out from the nearest set release, they have opted to switch it to New Frontiers.
This was exciting news for a lot of people, as I saw several different people immediately looking into buying flights etc to attend this event now. Curiously I didn’t see any posts about people not wanting to go to it now. Just something to note, so keep an eye out for this GP!

New Cluster:

We have gotten our first official tease of the next cluster! We don’t know what it is called, but we know the setting and dates. It looks like we are returning to Valhalla! In case you guys don’t know, Valhalla was the very first cluster FOW ever did which saw limited release in the US. So we are very excited to be able to return there once again.

This new cluster arrives this September! With the tagline ‘A New Dawn Rises’ I am very excited for what this will offer going forward.

Casters Released:

(No this is not the BIG Casters News) The new Caster Chronicles set was released this past Friday along with the Starter Deck! If you missed it I have box openings for both on our channel. With this release came the realization of something I didn’t notice before. There are no UR Rarity cards (Level 2 Casters) in this set. The only Level 2 Caster to be seen is the non foil/non texture one inside of the Starter Deck. This is very strange that they would take away this guaranteed high rarity card from the booster box.
Now there are no guarantees when buying a box for these high value cards. These cards would help encourage people to justify the cost of the box in some cases as well. I hope this is just a temporary thing for this set and will go back to normal going forward.

Pre-Release for FOW:

Pre Release is this weekend for Winds of the Ominous Moon! This means that by today the complete set spoilers should be on the FOW website. This also includes our set breakdown and more so keep an eye out. Let us know as well how it all goes at your locals!

Casters Event:

So it was slightly teased awhile back about an event that Casters was doing. We weren’t sure what it was or if it was a real thing even. They finally put out some information of what seems to be an interesting gathering. If you want the whole event click the link below and use ‘Google Translate’ or something similar

It is called a Sports Festival. There are prizes there that you can also buy. Their twitter account also said that several artists would be in attendance, which would be pretty cool. 

The dates (I assume) range from 6/2 to 6/17. It also seems there are more than just events that involve the card game. There is a ball competition? Autograph sessions, and more.

There is an exclusive playmat, deck box, and promo card as shown below:

The prizes you can buy are the art pieces and acrylics below:

This all seems super interesting, and if anybody is able to find out more info please let us know!

That’s all for the news today, have fun!