FOW News! Promos, and Casters Preview!

Hey guys! As always if you prefer a video version of the news, click below:


We got a couple neat items to go over, including a Director’s Note article for Casters! So let’s get started.

Colossal Ruler is Promo!?:

Robert Hebert posted that he had just received this shipment in full of Kaguya Colossal Rulers! This is the ruler that the only physical way to get it was by buying 3 booster boxes all at once. This caused a huge outcry in the community, to which the company said they were going to come up with a new solution. 
Well seems like we are getting it! I asked Robert to confirm if these were part of the Buy 3 box requirement or their own separate thing, to which he replied “Separate *Wink*”. So this is exciting news! The company was able to turn that around super quick to make sure the players will have access to the ruler. The requirements for it are still unknown (is it a buy-a-box, a game promo, etc), but he promised details will be coming soon so we’ll keep you updated!

GP Date Change:

There has been a date/location change for a GP! So Robert (the US head of events) made the announcement that Force of Will GP Denver will be changed. Originally it was at Denver Comic-Con. They said due to badge prices, inflated hotel rates, etc they changed the date and location.

The new information is as follows:
Colorado Convention Center
Address : 700 14th Street Denver, Colorado 80202
Date : August 11th and 12th
Registration time : 9:00 am
Regulation : Sealed

Hope anyone that was headed here is able to quickly and easily make the necessary changes. This date change also lands on the exact same date as the ARG Invitational, which is unfortunate because that means people will have to choose one or the other if they were planning on both. 

A quick look into the comments sees a bit more information about why the sudden change. Robert goes on to say that the Convention Center very poorly coordinated everything between the FOW GP and the Con. They double booked, and the Con claimed a date conflict, forcing them to move stuff around. He went on to say they were very unhappy with how this was handled and will definitely not be using said convention center again.

TSW Second Print Run:

In case you missed it, TSW is getting a second (and not mis-printed) print run! This is very good news, and we have a more exact date now. It will be hitting stores sometime near the end of May! Will still be the same flimsy booster boxes, but at least we will have normal rulers! And hopefully the cards will be a bit better quality (or at least have better quality control).

Wanderer League Promo:

We got a look at the upcoming Wanderer Promo! This time through a leak, which is pretty cool if you ask me. The art is gorgeous as well. Really excited about this one!

Misprint Ruler Delays:

Just a quick thing we have noticed is that the delivery of the replacement rulers seems to be taking a crazy long time. If you don’t know, when you pull a ruler out of TSW that is a mis-print you send it in to an address and they’ll mail you back the corrected version of said ruler.
However this process seems to be taking a much longer than expected time. Myself and Oscar for example have not received any of our rulers back (Oscar sent his over a month ago, and myself about 3 weeks ago). We’ve talked to people on Youtube and Discord who have waited similar, if not longer times to no avail. There was one case of a person saying that they kept having their stuff lost in the mail apparently.
This all is quite frustrating honestly, because when you send that mis-print off you literally do not have access to that ruler for gameplay. For example, technically I don’t have Aimul legally while I wait for it to come in.
I’m not sure why there is such a delay, outside of FOW not delegating enough resources to the venue that is handling this distribution, or something along those lines. I think it’s clear that this was not handled as well as it could have been (such as in foreign countries with ruler packs). I hope this gets sorted out and back up to speed soon, because at this rate it would have been better, for example, for me to have not bought a ruler/mailed it, and rather just waited for the 2nd run of TSW to come out and buy the ruler/box then. Then it is quite possible I’d be getting that ruler around the same time too.

Caster Chronicles Director’s Notes:

So Casters posted an article going over their past sets, the set coming out, and hints at things to come for future sets and promos! It’s a pretty interesting read. I’ll go over the highlights below, but if you want to read the whole thing just click here:

So as I said he went over some stuff over the past sets. This included the original design and how they wanted people to make any deck they wanted without being constricted to certain colors or types. 

They had originally made the characters with the more exaggerated features to make them distinct. However this was poorly received so they changed to the more ‘cute’ style, but still trying to retain some uniqueness.

He talked about how they will continue to do collaborations for promo cards etc. And hinted that the next promo card is going to be a SoulBond Servant!

He mentioned that the 3rd set (New World Order Admission) has ‘secrets included within’. Not sure what that means but hopefully we will find out!

The fourth set will be focused on the results of the voting poll that people participate in. It will introduce a new system on how magic duels work in addition to current set’s support. 

He ended with some lore article, however it sounds like it hinted at something called ‘Holy Power’ which is a different power source than normal for Magical Girls to use. What this might mean for the set I’m not sure, but sounds cool!