FOW News! TSW 2nd Print Run, EU Block Bans

If you’d prefer a video version of the news, click below:

So just a couple items I thought I’d bring to you guys in one place here and give my thoughts on. For GP Results be sure to visit the Top 8 Page on our website above!

EU Block Bans:

Italy and Germany have announced block bans! This is the first I’ve seen for something like this. It only applies to Reiya Cluster Only games (not NF or anything else). Still is interesting to see what the power cards are.

They banned:
Otherworld Dreams
True Blade of Spirits
Story Listener, Eva
Ruined Story

These are pretty obvious why they would be banned. The interesting thing to note is they are all green cards (speaks to the power level of green in this cluster), and they are all basically must haves inside of Sherry decks. That’s unfortunate but maybe this will start getting people to think just where the power levels are/should be in all formats as well.

FOW News Letter:

The company put out this mini letter addressing various concerns and upcoming things to look out for. I’ll put it here then address some points below:

Good Morning Rulers~!

We are all back to work here in Japan after a refreshing Golden Week. We have a lot of information coming up this month and so we wanted to take a quick moment to just go over a few announcements.
The Lore Returns! – As soon as translations are finalized, we will be returning the FoW Story articles to our English website! Please look forward to them.

Judge Program – The rework of the US Judge Program is in the final stages!

The Time Spinning Witch – As you may have heard rumors, it is true! The second wave of TSW booster packs (With the correct printings of Rulers/J-Rulers) will be sent out at the end of May! We apologize for any problems that may have arisen, and so please enjoy and look for a restock soon!

Unbound Princess of Time, Kaguya – We have seen a great deal of the community feedback on the perceived accessibility issues that might arise with Kaguya’s newest form. While it was never our intention to put up this type of monetary barrier between players and cards, it was an unintended consequence of the return of “Colossal Rulers”. We likely won’t see many more of these in the future, but we want to make sure that the ones we do have, are every bit as fun and exciting to play with as their infamous reputation implies. As a result, we will be working with different regions across the world in order to make sure that Kaguya remains within reach of players and shops who support our game.

WGP Webpage – As we have started to get more and more questions regarding our World Grand Prix 2018, we will be creating a page on our international home page dedicated to sharing information about the event as we release it. (Keep your eyes peeled for a new video soon…)

Last but not least…

We have a couple events that completed over the last couple weeks, and a couple more that are upcoming.

Congratulations to the GP Malaga and GP Thailand winners; Juliio Fernandez and Chan Zhimon, respectively on their wins and we look forward to seeing them in Japan!

Keep your eyes peeled for the first ever Wanderer GP this month on 5/12 and 5/13 at Providence, RI, USA. This GP will be streamed live so check it out!

So a couple main points to take away here. First is that there is a second print run coming for TSW finally! Hopefully they have fixed all the print issues/errors this time around. 2nd print runs were always notorious for being lesser quality than the first, but I don’t think that’s possible here.
Second is that they are aware of the Colossal Ruler problem and are going to fix it. I don’t believe them when they say that it wasn’t their intention to put it behind a paywall. If that wasn’t your intention…Why did you straight up hide it behind not 1, not 2, but 3 boxes!? Also they have put Colossal Rulers in packs before, so not sure what they are talking about when they say this was basically the only option. There is also hinting that they might not do this type of ruler again going forward, which would be unfortunate because I really like it.
Last thing was the rework of the judge program is finally coming! This and just articles in general have been promised, but not delivered over the past couple of months for some reason. So I’m glad to see any info on this front regarding that.
That’s basically all the non-GP News for this week. Thanks for reading and see you all next week!