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FOW News! New Promos and WOM Art!

If you’d prefer the video version of the news, click below:

Hey guys! And welcome to a new week! Not a whole lot going on this time around besides lots of visual goodies for the next month and set. 

To start off though just want to let you guys know we’ve been adding deck lists/profiles to the site! Most recently Joe added his Dusk Girl list. If you want to check that out, along with the other decks we have added simply click the ‘Deck Profiles’ button at the top of the page here. We’ll be adding more lists as we come up with them so check back often.

Minneapolis GP:

This weekend will be a new GP! This time at Minneapolis. If you are in the area obviously prepare to go. Be sure to check back on our website during the weekend under ‘Top 8’ as we will update the article for the event with the Ruler/Card breakdown, top 8, and whatever else might come out as that information comes in! 

Possible Promo:

So we got to see this promo over the weekend. This is Magic Stone of Light Vapors if anybody was wondering. A couple things to note. First, it hasn’t been revealed in English so it might be region exclusive (as some stones have been in the past). Secondly (though I think is not the case), it came out April 1st. It seems pretty real though. If it does come out in English that would be interesting, since we are currently waiting to find out if Duel Stones will rotate or be reprinted. It could be a clue as to whether they might stay (though it could also be a Wanderer League Promo). Just something to look out for.

Actual Promos:

We also got our look at the monthly Ruler League Promos! As you can see, we got Keez’s Call, and the Spirit Stone. Some pretty cool looking artwork, especially the Spirit Stone. So now we have 3 out of the 5 Special Magic Stones from the starter decks, leaving only God Pandas and Kirik! I’m pretty excited to get to those when we do, since I run mostly mono decks for those 2 rulers. 

Spoiler Images for WOM:

We got 3 separate spoiler images for Winds of the Ominous Moon! The first is what looks like Reiya in her final form.

Pretty cool looking, and makes me think that this artwork might be the one used for the ‘unique’ ruler that Jeff teased during his last livestream QandA.

Next we have that same Reiya going crazy or something. Not quite sure what, but I’m sure if you read the lore you might know what’s going on. We also got Taegrus leading an army of Pandas on Chocobos! It looks awesome, and like some  crazy battles are about to go down.

So that about does it this week. Let us know your thoughts and I’ll talk to you next week!