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FOW News! New Art for Casters and FOW, Giveaway, GP Results

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GP Results:

As mentioned if you’d like detailed results, be sure to visit the links above! The quick top 8 is as follows:

GP Padova

Top 8 (no specific order)

Federico Zoppini -Scheherazade
Isaac Rancic – Scheherazade
Alessandro Rocchi – Kirik
Stefano Rossano – Scheherazade
Davide Lega – Kirik
Gianluca Di Clemente – Lumia
Alessio Campagna – Scheherazade
Gaetano Pippa – Lumia

GP Montreal

Top 8 (After Swiss)

Andrij Rybsky-Shaw –  Scheherazade
Johnathan Lejare – Ayu
Dylan Hunt – Lumia
Benjamin Bargetzi – Scheherazade
Darell Tibbles –  Scheherazade
David Nikolaus – Lumia
Marc-michel Henaire-caroal –  Scheherazade
Jean-luc Mckean – Kirik

Winds of the Ominous Moon Art:

We got some more previews of the next set! This time is a lot more interesting. As you can see, Welser is alive! We don’t know how, but he survived his demise and is now super old. So that’s awesome, and I wonder if he’ll get a ruler again or just a lot of cool support finally! 

Next is what appears to be the return of Vivian! This was a really cool fairy card back in the day. So not only is it cool seeing her back, but could it possibly be hinting at things to come? Most notably, the return of fairies!?

Casters Image:

So here is  some interesting artwork from Caster Chronicles. It was thrown up on their Twitter account. The translation equals “Akariya Kaguen 50th Sports Festival” (or something roughly like that). From reading around, it looks like it might (possibly) be pointing towards an event for Casters that will happen at a later date in Japan. Their also seemed to be hints of possibly a Casters GP event, maybe piggy-backing off of a FOW event.

Around this same time Casters also finally uploaded a How-To video on their Youtube channel, as well as a livestream of some sort of Casters event. Just as a side note.

New Patreon Giveaway:

Hey going to start a new Playmat Giveaway on Patreon! To enter you just have to be any level Patron (which the $1 has access to our Mini-Podcast now)! You get more entries and perks the higher up you go. This time around I’m just going to have the winner pick any 2 playmats from my collection (rather than the set 1, pick 1). Good luck guys and hope you enjoy!