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Frayla Deck Profile (UPDATE)

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I have provided any of you with a deck profile! So, today I come to y’all with an update to an old list I went over with last time, Frayla and her Dark Elves. This list since constructing the first version back when Ancient Nights had first come out has changed quite a bit with all the added support printed with Dark Elves. Even with Advent of the Demon King I wasn’t 100% satisfied with where she stood, it needed that last little push and honestly the more support they can add to her the better. If the next set were to offer more support, especially with either more removal in Black/Red or assistance with flyers, this deck is a definite first pick for me when going to locals.

You can refer back to the deck lists tab and find my previous article and some of the choices I had made then, and see that now its slimmed down quite a bit. There is the exclusion of all the will colors I was running last time which was Green/Black/Red, and it seemed that my stone deck focused hard on Green over Red which is odd looking back at it now. The new version of this deck focuses straight up on Red/Black all throughout, and with the new Special Magic Stone “Null Magic Stone” having access to either color given the turn and what I play really helps. So here is the list as  some of you may have seen it on the recently filmed videos! And then with the help of Ruthie Allen on Facebook have molded the deck to run even better! 


Some of the obvious cards I ended up removing were the Saffina and Hilda. The interactions here were not worth the time and effort, or the cost of life depending on how you were combo-ing in to them. I also removed The Nameless Mist in favor of more Thought Control. The possibility to remove any 3 cost or less card, which is more card options than The Scorn of Dark Alice or The Nameless Mist, was a better choice being the same speed of card. On the stones I found the Vingolf stone, (Magic Stone of Purgatory), was not very efficient with color production options. And honestly, the counters placed on these cards bother me a lot, but that is a personal issue. Instead I opted to run two Magic Stone of Ebon Home, the option of removal from the top of opponents deck is nice in spite of the possible damage dealt to me. Oh and Dark Elf Sorcerer, while cool, just didn’t work out so I took her out as well. 

Now that allot of the obvious changes have been mentioned here is where the list is now. I will go over what works well with each other, what an ideal starting hand would be as well as turn 1 and 2 plays and lastly what I would change further!

The List as of Now:

Frayla // Frayla, the Revolutionist

Main Deck:
4 Frayla, Servant of Demon Fire
4 Shade Assassin
4 Dark Elf Gravekeeper
4 Majin Dark Elf
1 Lily’s Protector
3 Lily, the Last Flower
3 Thought Control
3 Null Darkness
3 Lightning Strike
2 Faith in the Darkness
4 Jeanne d’Arc, Mad Maiden
3 Majin Sublimation
2 Blazing Floating Castle, Refarth

Stone Deck:
4 Magic Stone of Scorched Bales
2 Magic Stone of the Ebon Home
4 Null Magic Stone

So ideal opening play can be one of two things. The more simple of the two is Null Magic stone being your first stone called, while having Majin Dark elf in hand. You tap the Null stone producing Red
having 200 damage dealt to you, then play the Majin Dark Elf and swing for 600. That’s it! Super easy, you just need to have it in your opening hand, but there’s more! Let’s say you get that play off, pass turn, opponent draws, then calls for a stone and passes (I KNOW! super perfect world but it happens). Coming back into your turn a great card to have in hand is another 1 cost resonator and Majin Subjugation. You start by swinging in with the already on the field Majin DaSk Elf to get 600 in. Then play Majin Subjugation, sacrificing Dark Elf in play, find Frayla and put her into play. She now gains swiftness and with the open stone play another 1 cost Dark Elf, maybe another Majin Dark Elf! Then swing with Frayla buffing the Dark Elf +400/+400 and swing with this resonator as well. That’s a total of 2200 damage by your second turn. If this deck is run well and you have even decent at best opening hand your going to have quick games swinging in hard. The one issue the  deck faces is flyers and other overly populated fields.

If you don’t get the Majin Dark Elf turn 1, a great first Dark Elf to get out is going to be Dark Elf Gravekeeper, You play him down targeting Lily’s Protector from deck, as she serves more use being in your Graveyard than being in hand or on the field. I only have 1 of her and haven’t faced the issue yet of drawing into her. I always hit a Gravekeeper first and make sure to dig her out right away. Her use comes in hand later in the game. Other great targets for Gravekeeper are going to be cards like Shadow Assassin because sometimes later in the game I don’t want to draw into these cards, and they help you buff Lily later in the game as well. You can also pull up a Dark Elf and grab it using your end of turn ability built into Frayla where you receive 300 damage from your Ruler and pull a Dark Elf from graveyard. This has been something I have done several times just to get a Frayla resonator or Majin Dark Elf into hand. 

Now Lily’s Protector, and why we want to pitch her early and then fuel your Graveyard with Dark Elves! It all focuses in on Lily, with her she can enter play and give a target resonator -X00/-X00 for each dark elf in the Graveyard. This helps on turns you may want to swing in with a few resonators, but maybe something big is on the field and in your way. In addition to her giving the minus stat she is also able to get counters by removing a Dark Elf from Graveyard and buffing her. There was a play where Colin, using Panda J-Ruler, removed a Darkness Gem to give her -500/-500, so in response I removed any Dark Elf I had making her 600/600. He then banishes another gem for another -500/-500 in which I responded by removing Lily’s protector from the Graveyard giving her Barrier until end of turn so she lives. The bonus is she also gains Drain until end of turn and depending on how you have played up to now, you may have been losing quite a bit of life from interactions of your deck anyways.

Now, as mentioned above, after seeing how Ruth Allen ran her Frayla deck I didn’t realize the potential that Jeanne D’arc, Mad Maiden had with this deck. I was already running Faith in the Darkness to help get Frayla or Majin Dark Elf into play already, so why not add Jeanne? With her and having three resonators on the field she cannot be destroyed so she is a perfect. Her ability to dispense -100/-100 counters instead of dealing damage is great. I was able to turn Colin’s Panda J-Ruler into a 100/100 J-Ruler in a game recently and it was pretty satisfying. As a backup for Resonator removal, Null Darkness comes in handy. I think I only had two occasions where I was able to use the Null ability on this card but to have the option of killing a potentially dangerous J-Ruler from play is fantastic!

All in all this is the core of the deck and what its running around. Now I have seen opinions that running Lily, and Lily’s Protector are a waste of time/space and there are better options and that running White can help in other situations better than just a straight Red/Black deck. But at the end of the day this deck is a lot of fun and I really enjoy it. Going forward things I wish I could change would be getting my hands on two more Faith in the Darkness in place of the Severing Winds, and Blood Spray I currently have. One thing I would like to be able to get into play some time would be three Jeanne’s, as unless my opponent had a card forcing me to banish, or a card to bounce then there would be no other way of getting these cards out of the way (unless I forgot something then just add that to the list mentioned already). 

Well I hope you found this article of some use! I know many people are always on the hunt for the best deck, or a top competitor against the “Meta”. Fortunately for us at our locals most people will build something they intend to have fun with and not net decking (I’m probably the only one who has broken this trend in the past. lol). Our last tournament we had the following Rulers.

Millium 1.0
Gill (Lost tomes starter deck)
Frayla (Me)

If you have any recommendations for this deck going forward or something your having better luck with feel free to let me know in the comments below! And I’ll be sure to respond.