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Mono W Panda Deck List – Post TSW

Hey guys! Here is my white mono panda deck list I used in the most recent videos. I’ll be altering more as I play with it, and as I do I will update this article to reflect that. Let me know your suggestions as well!

Here is the full Gachalog. Scroll down to see the top 5 cards that I think you should keep in the deck when you decide to alter other aspects of it. Enjoy!

Text List:

Taegrus Pearlshine x 1

Main Deck x 43

Relief Aid x 2
Escaped Jeweler x 3
Rose Quartz, the Panda Queen x 3
Discovery x 4
Gem Mallet Panda x 4
Fierica, Honorable Thief x 1
Gem Hammer Panda x 1
Ryula, Alabaster Dragon Princess x 1
Shin-Shin•Rei-Rei, Acrobatic Twins x 2
The Jewel Princess x 3
Miscalculation x 4
A New Radiance x 3
Magic Sweets x 1
Orphica, Dancer in the White Mist x 2
Severing Winds x 3
Gem Blade Emerald x 3
Ra, the Golden Bird x 2
Winds of Gold x 1

Stone Deck x 10

Ore From The Treasure Mountain x 4
Light Magic Stone x 6

Sideboard x 15

Profitable Transactions x 2
Magic Transforming Warrior x 1
Jewel Golem x 1
Jewel Sword x 2
Jewel Burst x 2
Sealing the Gates of Darkness x 3
Separation of Fates x 2
Jewel Bullet x 2

Top 5 Cards:

I’m going to start with this one. This is probably one of my favorite cards to have in a panda deck now, any panda deck. Let me break it down, he is a 1 drop  Panda. 1 drop resonators are important in any deck, however this being a panda triggers Taegrus’ passive to gain a light gem! So at minimum it’s a 1 drop gem generating resonator. Then it has an effect to gain any gem you want! So for the cost of 1, you are getting 2 gems, a resonator, and a panda which helps with other aspects of the deck. Then, on top of all that, his tap abilities! He can produce will on command! Assuming you have the proper generation, you can produce extra will pretty consistently, which is really helpful to do early game Shin-Shin combos etc. Just him entering the field gives his tap abilities 2 will to work with at some point. So no matter what deck you do, you need to have this guy in it.

This one is pretty obvious. A quickcast 1 drop that lets you draw a card, and gain any gem you want! Good for digging for cards, as well as getting that last gem you might need for combos or effects.

Here is a pretty awesome one that I think should be in all decks. Being able to essentially recycle your resonators back into your hand and play again is very important inside of a panda deck, since it is so reliant on your enter effects and flooding the field with resonators. It also gives more versatility in the number of different resonators you run, since you can simply recycle them rather than running more. On top of that if you happen to grab a panda you also get to gain any gem  you want! As you can start to see, gem generation is very important in my opinion.

This card is amazing. It’s not quite at the level of Gem Mallet, however it has it’s own perks that work well inside of this deck. For one, it’s a 1 drop that generates any gem you want. As you have seen, I think this is always a great ability. His second effect though is where he shines. For the low cost of 1, you get to bounce him back into your hand! This allows you to play him over and over to keep consistently gaining gems. His rest effect on an enemy resonator is  also super good for stalling, or getting ready to kill someone, or doing a combo with the resonator that destroys a rested resonator! 

Lastly is this one. I love this card. Inside of a Taegrus deck it already is passively a 4 cost resonator. Having 1 drops like Gem Mallet makes it so you can easily bring her cost down as well (or playing her at the end of a Shin-Shin combo). Her enter effect of buffing all your pandas is great for clearing out huge enemy resonator, or going for the killing blow (especially since it buffs your J-Ruler as well, as you saw in our gameplay). Plus as a bonus, whenever she is on the field, as soon as you pass turn all your pandas get to recover! Including your J-Ruler! I love this card for sure.

So those are my top 5 cards that I would definitely keep inside the deck if possible as you go and make this list your own. Let me know your thoughts and any changes you might make! Thanks for reading!