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BW Aimul Deck List

So here we got my Aimul list, used in the most recent gameplay. As always, I will update this list as I do more testing (or getting suggestions from you guys!). I tried to make it not using any green, including Severing Winds. You’ll find the full Gachalog below, followed by a text list, and then my top 5 cards in the deck. The top 5 are cards I’d recommend keeping in there, even if you change everything around them, as well as the reasons to do so. Enjoy!

Text List:

Aimul, Princess of Despair x 1

Main Deck x 40
Fated Reunion x 2
Twin Blades of Hope and Despair x 3
Forbidden Arts x 3
Flourishing Hope x 3
Grimm of the Crimson Moon x 2
Mephistopheles x 2
Angel of Hope x 4
Venus, Magus of the Metal Star x 2
Dr. Jekyll x 2
Aimul’s Unicorn x 2
False Peace x 2
Knight of Hope x 2
Revival of the Clan x 1
Spider’s Web x 1
Miscalculation x 4
Schrodinger’s Observation x 1
Light Castle, Palace of Hope x 2
Life Stealing Altar x 2

Stone Deck x 10
Magic Stone of Hope x 4
Shadowy Light Magic Stone x 2
Magic Stone of Heaven’s Rift x 4

Sideboard x 15
Thought Control x 1
Karmic Retribution x 2
Separation of Fates x 2
The Final Battle x 2
Servant of the Mikage x 2
Abdul Alhazred, Poet of Madness x 2
The Scorn of Dark Alice x 2
The Two Dragon Princesses x 2

Top 5 Cards:

So this is great in this deck. It was actually recommended by a viewer of the channel. It allows you to fix your deck with a card on top, then judgement, guaranteeing that you can pull the inverse resonator/addition that you wanted into the field with Aimul’s effect. Obviously there are other uses for it as well, but the fixing for judgement is super awesome and easy to do with how low Aimul’s judgement cost is.

This is pretty obvious one that you would need in the deck. You almost always can guarantee that you’ll win a battle interaction, regardless of previous stats with any resonator. It closes a 1200 stat gap! Or if you are swinging in and just need the buff to kill a resonator, you can use the second effect on a completely different resonator to get 2 for 1 if it’s small enough! The inverse side is just awesome as well. It is a pretty reasonable costed way to destroy a J-ruler when you need to (or any resonator). Or if you already have their field under control and are starved for cards, you can re-animate something from your graveyard! The amount of versatility and value in this card is just awesome.

Another 2 cost! This one is just straight up destruction, a new Stoning to Death basically. It’s great to run destruction when you can, and this at quickcast is good for killing things, removing blockers, etc. Pretty straight forward necessity.

I love this one. For only 1 cost at quickcast you get to prevent ANY resonator or J-Ruler from it’s impending doom. This isn’t barrier, so it can protect a specific entity from things like Final Battle and other destruction methods outside the obvious. On top of that it flips over, and you can pay 3 with quickcast to have your opponent banish not 1, but 2 resonators! Banishing is very strong in my opinion, in a world of barriers and destruction prevention. This gets around almost everything in the game.

Lastly we have Grimm! I love this card a lot. The reason I think it’s important inside of this deck is because of it’s flip side mainly. The front side is able to survive and do damage if needed, since it comes with flying and barrier against B/W. His Mystery Counter production is only needed to flip him. Because once he flips he retains his flying and barrier, but on enter he literally can destroy anything in the game that isn’t a magic stone or have barrier! He can kill ANY J-ruler including things like Fox! Any resonator, even with Flourishing Hope effect, or just a field card. If that wasn’t good enough he gets rid of Remnant in your opponents graveyard! As well as any other graveyard effects that may be relevant. In short, run this card.

That’s all for this list. Let me know your thoughts and I hope you have fun with it!