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FOW News! New GP Dates, Caster Box Announced (And in Trouble!?)

Hey and welcome back to the news! For a video version of the news, click below:

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New WOM Images:


We got the new images shown above! Infer what you might from these. My takeaway is that we have an amazing panda with a cute Ra it looks like. Sherry and Reiya are doing something super shifty it looks like as well. But yeah, nothing too much other than cool artwork to start hyping up the next set. It’s similar to what Caster Chronicles usually does leading up to their new sets as well.

GP/ARG in California:

New GP Dates were announced! If you guys remember, there were originally GP locations announced for CA before they were randomly cancelled (I don’t think we ever found out why). So Jim from ARG and Robert have put together what is essentially a GP! (It’s run by ARG, but the prizing etc are all official GP sanctioned). It is in San Jose, CA and will take place on April 14/15th. 
It’s assumed it will be New Frontiers format so look forward to that! It will have the Ruler exchange program there in case you still have a misprint that needs updating.

GP’s this weekend:

Speaking of GP’s, we have 2 this upcoming weekend! One in Montreal, Quebec the other in Padova, Italy. If you are in the area and attending these be sure to sign up ahead of time if needed! We will be reporting on the results of these GP’s in their own individual articles as they come out so tune in Sunday or Monday for those articles right here!

New Caster Chronicles Set (Kind of):

So we have a weird thing going on here. Caster Chronicles had released a Japanese only mini-set based on an Anime back in December I think it was. It was exclusive to Japan and therefore not printed in English or legal in the US. It looks like one of those things are changing. Casters has decided to release this booster in the US, without translating to English… So we will have a completely legal booster set, with cards that will probably be used in a lot of decks all in Japanese that you will have to google the translations for every game you play.

The company has said all they will do is create an English database for reference. People are understandably pretty upset about this news. We had wanted this set in the US for sure, but not if it’s in a foreign language. There are even talks about people getting out of the game because of it. I agree, and a theory is that the game is not doing as well as the company had hoped in Japan so they are essentially trying to offload a ton of product onto US buyers to recoup some of that loss (instead of giving us proper English boxes). If that’s the case, that’s pretty dirty. I can’t think of another reason they would not reprint in English.

That being said, they  gave a promo image of a card, as well as the playmat if you buy 6 boxes below:

So that’s an idea of the card you’d be playing with. It would essentially serve as a deterrent for new players getting into an already very small game. 

Caster Spoilers:

Casters has also revealed the first spoilers of the next set! These are of the Starter Decks. I won’t go into detail here, I’ll save that for my weekly videos once spoilers go into full swing. But I really like these cards and the mechanics they are hinting at. It’s getting me pretty excited for this upcoming set/starter

That’s all the news for today, thanks and we’ll see you guys next week!