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Caster Chronicles – Mono Orange Deck Profile

Hey guys! We’ve got our very first Deck Profile for Caster Chronicles! Today we are going to go over a Mono Orange deck I’ve put together. This is my main deck for gameplay I’ve been using. If you would prefer a video version of this profile click below:

I will be doing deck profiles for Mono Yellow and a Yellow/Orange deck as well. The duel color deck uses exact cards that are in both of these mono decks, which allows you to essentially have 3 decks for the cost of 2 if you follow these builds as they come out. Enjoy!

Below is the Gachalog for the deck if you just want the deck list and nothing else:

So the basic idea is to flood the field to chip away all of your opponent’s orbs as quick and consistently as you can. You also control your opponent with discarding, and drawing cards of your own to help fix your hand. Your biggest threats are basically mirror matches, and cards with high defense in reverse position. This deck doesn’t run a lot of heavy hitters, so to make up for that it runs destruction to get around that.

I’ll go over the top 5 most important cards in the deck and their functions, to give you an idea of how it should run and how you can customize it around these base cards.

Orange Peko (Lvl1 and Lvl2):

No it’s not cheating, they technically have the same name so they count as 1 card for my top 5. But yeah these are pretty obvious. Level 1 Peko is able to consistently bounce your Crispy Cookies back into your hand to play again. Recycling of your graveyard is strong in most card games, and this is no exception. With Crispy Cookie’s low cost, and how corrupting orbs works in this game, bouncing and playing a 1 cost servant is very valuable.
Level 2 of Peko is even better. She banishes the Peko under her (or another face down Peko) to cheat in a 3 cost Orange card! This is most helpful to combo off with cards like Zhu Bajie, which would then grab a Cookie. Her second effect isn’t nearly as good, but can be useful in a pinch.

Crispy Cookie:

Speaking of Crispy Cookie, look what we got! This guy is the fuel of the deck. It’s a nice vanilla 1 drop, but enough of these guys on the field can start chipping away pretty quickly. He is the only 1 cost sweets in the game right now, so he’s the best and only choice to combo with Orange Peko, Zhu Bajie, and more. 
Basically, if you run an Orange deck, I’d  highly recommend considering him each time.

Zhu Bajie:

This card is pretty awesome. It’s a 3 cost that when it enters, grabs a Cookie from your deck. Searching out cards is already strong,  but this card can be cheated out when she dies by both Orange Peko Lvl2, and Carrion Scrounge! Making combos very abundant. And now with shuffling cards from graveyard a thing, she can grab cookies back out of your deck when your opponent puts them inside (or if all your cookies are dead you can recycle them into the deck to grab them again). 
Just a great card overall, especially in a sweets deck.

Carrion Scrounge:

Once again, speaking of! This card is one of the best orange conjures in the game in my opinion. It just straight up grabs any 3 or less cost from your graveyard an puts it into the field for 2 cost total!  And on top of that it has the ‘Break’ mechanic, making it a potential free combo. You use this to grab Zhu Bajie, who then grabs Cookie, for example. It’s a very obvious and strong choice for many types of decks in general.

Swallow Whole:

Strange imagery aside, I really like this card. You lose a servant, but before that servant dies you can use it to pay the cost of this card. That way you don’t get behind a turn until next time at least. But the 1 cost more than makes up for it (considering the other orange servant  destruction ranges from 4 to 5 cost). The reason this is in my top 5 is because, like I said, the main weakness of this deck is high defense cards in reverse position. This not only eliminates that, but does so for a low cost, allowing you to keep playing cards and populating your field for a potential win that turn. The banishment hurts, but can be softened by casters that can bounce back into the game.

So yeah, that’s my list! Let me know what you think of both it, and the format of this article. I’ll see you all next week with a new deck profile here on the website! Have fun!