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FOW News! R4 Revealed! My Will Promos, and New Website (duh)

If you’d prefer the video version of the news, click below:

Welcome to a new week of news! Not a whole lot happened this past week, so it will be brief. However there were still a couple cool things to go over.

R4 Revealed:

Force of will revealed the new set on their website! As you can see, it is called ‘Winds of the Ominous Moon’, or WOM. I’m really digging the visual design of the logo. We were  also shown a couple of promo pieces below:

As you might have caught on, we are getting Pig God! Flying into battle! In all seriousness though these images look pretty awesome. The article confirmed the return of ‘Spirit Magic’ and ‘Mystery Counters’. Why they only mentioned these two, and not things like gems etc I’m not sure. Especially considering we have plenty of Spirit Magic support. 
They did also reveal the names of 2 new mechanics, ‘Auras’ and ‘Time Will’. Time Will sounds super awesome, so I’m excited about that.
I’m still hoping for a Colossal Ruler from this set, especially with the confirmation that The Time Spinning Witch herself will be entering this world.

My Will, My Power Game:

The My Will, My Game rewards have started coming in! If you signed up for the event, be sure to keep an eye out on your mailbox for the next week at least to find out if you were chosen! Myself and Oscar were lucky enough to get some in the mail yesterday. The main thing of note (I’m not sure if I missed this announcement) is that they come with 2 cards, instead of just 1! This is awesome and makes it way easier to get this hard to find card in Wanderer. Let us know if you got some!


Well duh, you’re on it. But we re-launched the website! Be sure to check out all the  new sections we have, and give us feedback/suggestions/etc. Or just let us know  if you think it’s awesome! Thank you for all your guy’s support and we look forward to more awesome stuff in the future. 🙂