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GP News:

If you are looking for news about Singapore GP, simply scroll back up and click the link! The London GP announced they do have limited seating. So if you are planning on attending be sure to check into that! Toronto GP recently announced that their event will take place at Anime North. So that’ll be something to look forward to if you plan on attending as well.

Ruler Misprints and Ubers: So in case you missed it, all rulers inside of this set (with the exception of Ubers) are misprinted. By that we mean the front side of the Ruler will have 1 type of Ruler (such as Kirik), and the back side will be a different J-Ruler (such as Shaela). So, if you pull one of these rulers they are (obviously) not legal for use. You can keep it for collection purposes though. To get the normal version (which would be the Ruler side of the card) you simply need to follow the instructions that pertain to your specific country. For information regarding that, simply click below:

As far as Ubers go, you guys might have noticed that they are getting pulled a lot. The reason for this is because the starter deck rulers have Uber versions of themselves with their sealed abilities unlocked, but still using the old art.These specific cards are in the ‘chase’ slot of booster boxes. This means you are guaranteed at least one of these inside of each booster box (not including actual uber rarity cards that apply to the new rulers etc.). Whether this is good or bad for the market as a whole is hard to tell, but was going to be an unfortunate side effect of these ‘Sealed Abilities’ that the company introduced.

Caster Chronicles Release: We got a release date for Caster Chronicles!

June 5 of this year! This is pretty exciting. The set is called ‘The New World Order Admissions’. Pretty weird, but I like it! Not much other information to go off other than the normal 84 cards in the set announcement etc. They did however, also announce a new starter deck! This starter will have all 7 colors inside of it! And it will be based on ‘idols’! If you aren’t excited about that, check out the picture below:

So yeah, that’s about all the news for today. Thanks for joining us and we’ll talk next week!