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TSW Sealed Cards – Pre-Release Primer

Hey guys! Today we are going to go over the cards to look out for at a Pre-Release (or any Sealed event) for The Time Spinning Witch! If you’d like to watch the video instead, click below:

Okay onto the cards! First up is Angel of Hope.

This is a great card because it is a 1 drop flyer that gains life. It gets bigger the more it gains life (keeping the counters upon flip). This gives it the potential to become huge. Add destruction on top of that and you’ve got all you need.

Next is Gem Hammer Panda.

So anything that is a 3 cost 800/800 is going to be good in a limited format. There are only 4 or so in this entire set with that stat, not counting Ultra Dragon. The gem creation comes in real handy for other card effects, even if you never get the full 10 needed for his continuous ability.

Light Castle/Dark Castle

This card is a solid way to stop a stall and get your guys bigger. For 2 cost you buff everything on your field permanently. When it flips it weakens (and potentially kills) your opponents resonators. Inside limited buffing and destruction are always strong, so getting 2 in 1 is something to keep your eye out for.

Magic Transforming Warrior

This is just a big dude who can bomb in limited. His gem effects are super solid, and having the freedom to basically choose his buff by what you banish is a solid versatile addition to any deck (that can produce gems).


This guys is another 3 cost 800/800 like we talked about earlier. Resonators entering the field rested means it’s easier to pick off stuff (or possibly combo with other cards in the set). The flip side is great too, killing low health resonators or at least weakening them. As well as being basically an Abdul inside limited! That’ll come in handy with how many enter effects there are in here.


This is probably the best removal in the set. 1 cost to destroy a resonator, regardless of stats etc? Grab it! The

Jewel Princess

2 cost removal is a decent effect to have, as well as gaining a gem. It’s conditional, but still worth it, especially if you combo it with the previous Mephistopheles.

Ancient Impact

This is a late game bomb that essentially closes the game out when you drop it. It can’t be cancelled, so it’s basically guaranteed damage. Just gotta pay the high cost. Apprentice Martial Artist This is a really good, super aggro card. The cost is amazing. A 2 cost 700/700? That beats out any other 2 cost we have seen. In addition to that you get to pump him to get even stronger! Just gotta make sure you have the strength counters to put him out, otherwise you risk him dying when you pass turn. Dino-Rider He’s a bomb with giant stats and destruction. In addition to him possibly clearing the field, if a resonator dies to his enter effect he’s a 1400/1400 with swiftness! At that point your opponent might just give up! Domesticated Dragon He’s a high stat  resonator with flying. That’s extremely helpful inside of this format. If you can empty your hand he’ll also unlock the ability to pump him into oblivion. Fictitious Fire This is simply a version of a previous card. As before, 2 cost damage to anything on the field or the player is very versatile and helpful. Definitely a must (not to mention the possibility of  more damage with Null) Flying Dragon of Mt. Hoelle If you have strength counters, this is a 900/700 flyer at only 2 cost! That’s crazy! Once again if you are running the needed counters this is a must have. Even if you aren’t it’s still something to look into. Heaven Sundering Card This is basically a lightning strike, with the option for destruction on top of it! Even if you don’t run strength counters, the ability choices are too good to pass up. Home of the Ultra Dragon This card is very interesting. It kills almost any card that is 2 cost in limited format except for a couple of the really good fire cards. Basically adds a lot of control against your opponent, giving you time to ramp up. Mad Sacarlasodon A 3 cost 1000/1000? If we’ve learned anything, it’s that high stat 3 costs are great in here. Discarding a card is a small price to pay for him and could possibly unlock his null. If you have no cards in hand, then he is a normal 3 cost! Pialle Eille This is a super strong card. It’s essentially a 2 drop 900/900. The search function could be good if you pull piggy as well. But even without that this card is amazing (even better if you run a strength counter deck). Piggy, Hoelle’s Great Hero Pig Basically a Flying, Swiftness Pig God 500/700 for only 2. If not him he has the option to continually give flying and/or swiftness to other resonators throughout the game. Scarlet’s Vision Super good card if you are able to trigger the Null. It’s essentially a quickcast boardwipe then. Board wipes in limited are always great to have. Twin Dragon Claw As always, removal cards are a must when you come across them. This one can remove 2 items. Outside of limited it might not be as good, but inside it shines. Ultra Dragon Flame Sphere For 5 cost this card’s effect is really good. A board wipe that also clears out the draft rulers (with 1000 defense). If you pulled this and the Ultra Dragon then boy, you are in for a treat. Ultra Dragon Shooting Star This is one of the best cards you can pull in this format. A 3 drop 1000/1000 with flying and barrier against 2 colors!? Not sure if his passive will be too effective, but that aside this is a must have! Giga Thunderfish I take everything back. Ultra Dragon is shit. This is the best card ever. He wins you the game in 3-4 turns. It’s great. Rebellious Soul Ayu This is a cool card to have. Stealing resonators is a really great mechanic. Can’t do the tap ability unfortunately, but still a good card to have. Thunder Wave A 2 cost bounce is a sold addition to a deck. If you are able to change the weather then it suddenly becomes a great card with draw power and everything. Thunderstorm This clears the board by bouncing resonators back to their decks. And it has quickcast! Approaching the Truth A great 1 cost with quickcast that gives you draw power and fixing of your deck. Especially inside of a smaller deck this can be extremely useful. Enormous Effigy This is a decent bomb. If you need a large resonator for a green deck then this is your go to card. Last Days of a Powerless Dragonoid This is a great counter to a lot of J-rulers, including the draft rulers! It gets rid of their limit counters! Plus cancelling a fire chant could prove useful. Laurite Activate and Automatic abilities are very prevalent, especially in limited for this set. Being able to cancel them, while also adding a body onto the field is crazy good here. Laurite’s Deletion Magic Decent cost cancel. Obviously works best inside of limited format, where cancels of any form become very strong. Laurite’s Wind Good defensive cancel spell. Protects not only your field, but you as a player against burns etc. Null Page 3 cost removal is really good. The second ability isn’t too great inside limited, since the odds of the person running multiple of a card isn’t very high. Rachel She’s a beast. Gives you reliable deck fixing and fetches literally anything in your deck for any situation that might arise. Doesn’t matter what format this is, she is a must have. Scarlet’s Agony This card helps to stop aggro, and gives you a chance to draw a card. Pretty straight forward. Black Star This panda is a beast. If he gets a couple hits in, you have just passively a better chance at winning due to having a great card advantage. Black Tears This is decent removal depending on the deck you are playing against. Inverted cards have a cost of 0 so may help dealing with some of the stronger ones once they have flipped as well. Black Wing Dragon Even with a couple cards in your hand this is still a solid 2 cost flyer. With 0 cards in hand he is great. Dark Impact Even if you can’t put a dinosaur into the field, destruction is still a decent thing to run inside your deck. If you do have a dino this card becomes amazing. Dark Riding Hood Has the potential to be a 2 drop 800/800 with barrier just by running Butler as your ruler. Embrace of Darkness It’s a bit restrictive, but not a big deal inside limited. 2 cost removal is still a great thing to have. Final Words It’s an average removal, especially for the cost. However being able to kill a J-ruler is very strong. Considering inside limited you usually just trade rulers in battle, this gives you the chance to kill theirs while keeping yours. Grimm This guy is really strong. Being able to possibly buff him, he has barrier, and he flips too! His flip side gains flying and can destroy almost anything you can think of. Gets rid of any graveyard potential they had as well. Look of Despair I like hand discard effects a lot, and this one is pretty good. If you can get the Null effect off it can be crazy devastating. Lurker in the Null This card is deceptively amazing. He is a removal, but can also bring himself back for possibly an infinite stall late game when you can freely activate his Null. Thought Control Early discards and being able to scout out potential threats. The additional benefits of this card are quite a lot when you think about it. Voidasaurus This is only good with the Null ability. If you can get that off he is an absolute beast. Null Darkness This is actually the best removal in the set. It destroys, but also has the possibility of killing a J-Ruler on top of that! Ruined Story 2 of the modes are good, the wall of wind, and the banish resonator effect. Those 2 make this a solid card. Twin Blades The best combat trick you can use in the set. Absolutely insane trading potential. It is a possible 2 for 1 if you -600/-6– something and buff the guy fighting. The flip side is insane too. Dropping 5 cost dudes from the grave is always a great thing to have, on top of destruction. There is no reason not to run this at every possible chance you have. Removal/Combat Tricks to Watch Out For Cards to be careful of going into this: Flourished Hope Karmic Retribution Miscalculation Sacred Knight of Atonement Separation of Fates Ferocious Attack Fictitious Fire Heaven Sunder Scarlet’s Vision Biri Biri Ball Thunder WAve Thunderstorm Laurite’s Wind Scarlet’s Agony The Puppet’s Last Days Disaster at Sasaru Palace Embrace of Darkness Final Words Soul Concentration Null Darkness Twin Blades
removal/combat tricks to watch out for floursihed hope Karmic retirbution miscalculation sacred knight of atonement separation of fates ferocious attack ficitious fire heaven sunder card scarlet’s vision biri biri ball thunder wave thunderstorm laurit’es wind scarlet’s agony the puppet’;s last days disaster at Sasaru palace embrace of Darkness final words soul concentration null darkness twin blades