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FOW News! Casters Released! New FOW Global Liaison! Starter Deck, and More

If you would prefer the video version of the news, click below: For the article on GP Berlin: GP Taiwan: and GP Richardson: Now, onto the News! Caster Chronicles Release: The new set of Caster Chronicles just came out! We did a box opening on our Youtube Channel if you are curious. This set brought with it new mechanics in the form of an Extra Deck and Soul Bonds. They also brought a lot of the art up to speed with what people want and expected with reprints. I highly recommend getting this set if you were interested in the game. With all that came updates to the Casters CR. Be sure to check that out before going back to play it! I will make a video going over the CR changes at a later date (soon). New FOW Global Liaison: Force of Will has named Jeff Finnigan their new Global Liaison! He will help with community outreach/management and various other responsibilities going forward to help improve the game itself and how they interact with the community. This is very awesome news and I am excited to see where this will take us. Will Power Reward: With the announcement of Jeff they also introduced ‘My Will, My Game’. This is a system that will replace the old ‘Quest Clear’ system. All you need to do is log into your Will Power Reward App starting today (the 14th) and click on ‘Events’ to sign up! A selected few will receive the above Full Art (visually updated) Cheshire Cat! This is included in an effort to boost up the Wanderer format going forward. Whether all of these promo cards will be Wanderer is yet to be seen. LiveStreams: Jeff also announced he will be doing monthly livestreamed Q and A’s! These will be similar to what Jordan use to do weekly. He’s hoping with monthly people will have more time to curate and refine questions, and also open up communication between the company and the community again. I am very excited for this and will keep you guys updated as they come! Starter Deck Info: We also found out information about the new starter deck! Some random mechanics of it include resonators that will all work in tandem with each other to take down your opponent. Also they mentioned the Ruler, when activating judgment, will help you come back from any situation in the game. We also are getting a True Magic Stone again! If you don’t remember, these are special magic stones with extra strong abilities that you can only run 1 of in your stone deck. This starter deck will include 1 such card.   Well, that is all the non-GP related news for this week. Enjoy!