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GP Format Changes, Pre-Release and New Starter Deck, Casters Release Date

Alright so some big news happened this week. Quite a bit to go over so we’ll get into it. If you’d rather watch the video version of the news click below: Pre-Release Information: We got our first look at the pre release promotional materials! And the logo for the Time Spinning Witch set, which I personally love. Take a look below! As you can see they are sticking with the trend of Vingolf 3 card reprints. I’m really digging the mat as well. TSW Booster Box and Promos: So we got our first look at the next set’s materials as well. First the booster box. You might notice this booster box is back to the old style, rather than the new one that you could store your cards in. I’m not sure why the change, since the new style was universally loved, unique, and high quality. This box also looks to me like the older style of booster box with the flimsy cardboard rather than the nicer boxes we got with BFA and beyond. Not sure why they are doing this, it’s kind of disappointing. We also got a look at the Playmat and Promo! One interesting thing to note, the playmat now only comes to you if you buy a case of 6 boxes, rather than the previous number of 3. This is more in line with most card games, however will come as a disappointment for people who always got the 3 boxes and a playmat. It’s an understandable change though. New Starter Deck: We got a new starter deck coming! Or at least ‘constructed deck’. This seems to hint that maybe it’ll consist mostly of cards in this set or previous sets, put together. The ruler itself is for sure new, and if you zoom in on the picture you can see he also has a sealed ability that has yet to be unlocked. It also says the deck contains 5 special magic stones. Now, this might be a stretch, but that could hint at us getting a true stone again (a playset of 4 duel stones, and 1 true stone). If so, that would be amazing. They also released this promo image for the starter deck, which contains a lot of cool goodies. You can look around for yourself, but we can see a young version of multiple characters, including Sylvia! New Mechanics: If you guys haven’t been following, they started spoilers for the next set! We release daily videos covering the spoilers for you guys to follow. Couple just quick note-able new mechanics they introduced were inversion, and drain. Inversion as far as we can tell, is just a new version of Shift. Except now it can be used on chants, and has interesting new interactions. Drain just means when it deals damage, you gain that much life. Third Caster Chronicles Booster Box: So the 3rd box for Caster Chronicles seems to have been revealed! This one will be released May 11th in Japan, so probably within a month of that for the US. You can see the image below, but best I can translate it is “Magical Girl: The Duel”. So looking forward to that! GP Format Changes: Alright here’s the big one. The CEO had announced they were changing the format for the GP’s, including possibly Richardson (the closest GP that is sealed as well). They made the full announcement which is as follows: Richardson remained Sealed, Denver switched from Sealed to Constructed, Collinsville switched from Sealed to Constructed, and Providence switched from Sealed to a Wanderer Constructed. This is very interesting. The first note-able thing is we have our very first Wanderer GP! This is very exciting. And before you mention it, yes, this GP takes place after the next set is released so we WILL have a ban list updated for it before then. The interesting thing I found was the CEO made it sound as if Sealed GP’s were something they might have wanted to change (hence the hint at changing Richardson). However, they only downsized by 1 Sealed event. Which is fine, but the strange thing is they didn’t downsize by removing 1 Sealed event. .They downsized by removing 2 sealed events, then switching a constructed to Sealed. If you aren’t confident in sealed, why switch a constructed to sealed? Why not just leave a sealed location sealed? You are now angering people who wanted to do constructed at a GP which is now sealed, as well as angering people who wanted to do sealed at the other 2 locations, but it is now constructed. It just sounds like really weird reasoning that I don’t understand. An interesting thing to note, is that Robert (the TO of the main 6 GP’s) was not aware of these changes until they were announced to the public. So it wasn’t a matter of coordination (he even said he has to now make sure they are ready to accommodate these new changes). On the other side, Jim from ARG said after these announcements he was excited and hinted at the possibility of the ARG invitational hosting all 3 formats in the game. Just in the couple of hours that a Wanderer GP was announced he saw a spike in sales of older cards! Now, there are 2 missing GP’s. If you look at the article, you’ll notice CA and HI are no longer on there. The page still says 8 GP’s, though it only shows 6 now. We aren’t quite sure yet why that is. It’s important to note that those 2 GP’s are run by different TO’s than the other 6, which are run by Robert. We reached out to CoreTCG, who would most likely host the CA GP, and they said they had not heard anything about not doing the GP. They just recently saw they weren’t on the article and will be looking into it. We’ll update you guys once we hear more. That’s all the news for today! Hope you guys have fun at the GP’s!