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FOW News! CEO Addresses Architects, Casters, Wanderer, and More!

If you’d like to watch the video version of the news just click below: Article for GP Atlanta Results: Article for ARG Richmond Results: Before I get started. A theory I had on GP and ARG events I thought of after filming etc. As you’ll read below, Worlds GP is changing to not be competitive, but a celebration of the game. They will have a different event that will address the competitive nature of the game that will determine the ‘best FOW player’. My thought (that would explain a lot) is that the GP events will be less competitive, and more celebratory like Worlds. So they’ll do things like New Frontiers, Sealed, Wanderer formats, and more all leading up to the Worlds GP as the ultimate celebration. Where does that leave the competitive level? At ARG. ARG has been hyping up their expanded involvement in the game. What if this new ‘best FOW player’ event will be run be them? Attendees will be those who won at ARG, not GP. This would explain why FOW randomly is doing sealed (and hinting at more) and why ARG is getting more and more involved. If this is the case I think it’s awesome and would be a great direction to go. It speaks to the passive and competitive base. This year would be a rocky start, but next year would be where the magic happens. Like I said this is just a theory, we’ll have to wait and see. But it sure would be cool!   Moving onto the news. The main bulk of the news will be the summary of the CEO letter, which we will link in that section as well. CEO Addresses Ascension and Ubers: During the GP stream, Jeremy (DM073) asked the CEO about the possibility of the Ascension Program ever making a return. He responded by saying that the program was popular, and that it might be something to be considered going forward. Which is at least a glimmer of hope! He was also asked if we’d ever see the return of the uber rare resonator as we saw in BFA. He gave a similar response, not saying we necessarily would or would not. Once again, some more glimmers! CEO Letter: We got another letter from the CEO! This one addressed quite a bit so here will be some bite size summaries for you guys. If you’d like to read the full article it can be found here: So the first section he addresses the reasoning behind using the ‘limited’ format. He re-iterated that the Reiya Cluster was designed for limited so they wanted to make use of it. He also wanted the sealed events to take place after new sets were released (which they aren’t). But it’s an interesting idea. He also confirmed he will be changing the actual rules so competitive sealed games will have to use draft rulers. He then said they have been testing Wanderer and are getting ready to make it a much larger format! They will be introducing bans for it at the release of the next set coming up. In addition he teased that we will start seeing it at a competitive level coming up. They will be overhauling the judge program at some point in the future! His next article (most likely) will go into more detail regarding the judge program. It will be more organized, and he will offer direct help for it as well! The World Grand Prix will no longer be an exclusively competitive event. He wants to switch the focus of it to be more of a ‘celebration’ of the game, over a competitive edge. This includes things like Wanderer games as an example. They will be creating a separate event for the competitive level at a later date to substitute that need. The Force of Will Battle Simulator is Dead. The Force of Will Movie is Dead. However the short films that were made for it might still be released by the studios, just not with/or having a connection to the FOW company. He would like to do a FOW anime at some point, but right now is not the best time. They are still working on the miniature board game we had heard about. A 3rd party will be making it, and we will see an announcement of it heading to Kickstarter sometime before summer. Architects has been pushed back to June. They will now just release 4 starter decks and it will play as a static LCG. They plan to eventually integrate boosters and turn it into a normal TCG, but it will take time. Casters they are still testing the waters on its performance outside of Japan. They seem pretty confident on its performance inside Japan, including releasing boxes and promos we will never see in the US. That being said the US seems to be doing well, so hopefully it stays here.   Well, that is all the news for this week. Be sure to check out the Articles at the top of this page for GP and ARG information!