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FOW News! Tokyo GP Top 8 Lists, New CEO Article, Caster Lewdness

If you’d like to watch the video version of the news click below:

Only a couple things to go over this week, but they are pretty in depth so we’ll get into it. We’ll start with the smaller things.

Force of Will Promos: So I totally forgot to tell you guys about these new promos coming out. As soon as I remembered I had to show you guys because they are quite nice looking! That’s really it for this bit of news.

Caster Lewdness: So Caster Chronicles revealed that they will have these alternate arts for Soul Bond Conjure spells. I’m not sure if this is the secret rare you can find, some other rarity, or what have you. It is pretty interesting though. They stated that to see the cards in their full glory, you will simply have to buy some packs! Very interesting tactic. I’m assuming this will play out like before where the US will be more censored than other countries (whatever the image might turn out to be). Cool idea though for this spell specifically, considering how important it is.

CEO Letter:

Eiji Shishido, the CEO of Force of Will has released another article addressing the community. If you’d like to read it in its entirety, simply click here:

In it he detailed several different points. Here is very, very brief summaries of each point. Point 1: He wants to grow international relationships, both with the company and with players. This involves more international interactions among the communities etc. Point 2: He wants to encourage the player base to travel the world. Whether it’s GPs, or other FOW related adventures he wants players to feel the need to travel around more and create a larger community of players. This he hopes will also build relationships/friendships among people that would not otherwise have interacted. Point 3: He wants to put more focus on the local level as well. Wanting to bring in more local stores to provide and support the Force of Will communities. This all lead to him revealing the first of three teams that the company will be adding to help improve the game going forward.

The Research and Planning Team will be in charge of taking input from the community, gathering overall data, and relaying that to the company itself. The hope is to listen to the base in its entirety, not just the ‘loudest’ among them. And also to gather data at all levels of the game to better inform them going forward. This is a really good step in my opinion and will result in a lot of positive change in the future if implemented correctly. I have high hopes that now the obvious criticisms (as well as praise for things we want them to continue) will be properly heard and dealt with.

Tokyo GP Results: Lastly, we have the GP results!

The ruler breakdown is:
11 Faerur
7 Ayu
6 Lumia
6 Evil Tree
2 Mikage
2 Pandas
2 Welser
1 Zero
1 Sol
1 Gil Al’hamaat
1 Kaguya
1 Book of Light
1 Book of Dark  

The top 8 Decks are below in order from First to Eighth: