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FOW News! CEO Addresses Concerns, Casters at GP, and ARG Results!

Hey guys sorry this is late! We’ll get right into it. If you’d like to watch the video version of the news check it out   Casters: First I’ll real quick mention that FOW announced that they will be holding demos of The Caster Chronicles at all Force of Will GPs! This is pretty cool I think, and gives people something to do while waiting for matches/after they have dropped. There are people who are interested in the game who simply don’t want to spend money until they know how it plays. So I’m pretty excited about this. Eiji Shishido Addresses the US: So the CEO of Force of Will took time to directly post in the US Facebook group! I thought this was pretty awesome, and he even stayed around to answer various questions in the comment section. You can read the official statement below here. He addresses some concerns, though I still had questions which I talked about in the video. This is a great step forward though for the company. This type of interaction is exactly what the game needs at this time. He will also be traveling (as you can read) to a GP and ARG among other locations to talk to the playerbase about different ideas and concerns.   ARG Results: Lastly we have the results from the ARG this past weekend. Only 18 people attended unfortunately (and sounds like there was maybe only 1 Ayu player). Still though these are some interesting deck lists for the most part, and can give us an idea of what to expect going forward. The lack of Ayu is strange. I personally think it could be the fact that she is out of stock literally everywhere, and when you do find her she is $45+. This makes her and her deck unattainable for many people and could be why there was no showing of her here. Unfortunately there is no ruler breakdown, for some reason ARG doesn’t put those out. Anyways though, here are the deck lists, in order from First to Last!