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FOW NEWS! GP Dates! J-Ruler Leaving Game, and Lack of Information

Hey everyone! If you are looking for the ARG and 2K results/Deck lists that is a separate article you can click on below! Here is the Video version of the News as well: If you like this, be sure to support us on! We upload mini podcasts, and have a giveaway going on that’s Patreon Only. Now, onto the article. No Caster Chronicles Information: So as you guys know we have been covering (granted not as much as we’d like) Caster Chronicles since its inception. However there is a troubling piece of information we noticed about the game. The next set for the game has been announced for Japan for awhile and being advertised over there, but not the US. This is troubling because it’s on top of the already scarce promos and support Casters has been getting over in the US, it feels like the company has already given the game up over here. This would be doubly upsetting considering they did very little to promote/spread the game in the US and haven’t even given us a second expansion to see where the market might lead. Hopefully this is a lack of attention on their end, but I’m afraid something might happen to the game unless the company does something. A similar thing is happening to Architects right now. We haven’t seen or heard anything since they postponed it back in October, moving the release date from November to February. If the game is actually coming out in February, you’d think the company would start promoting the release date, start teasing demo decks, or anything really at all. This is very troubling to me going forward. Vingolf Coming Soon: So if things play out the same as last year, we should be looking for information regarding Vingolf pretty soon! About 1 week from now is when we got our first teaser images for Vingolf 3, with Spoilers starting in early January. We haven’t heard a single thing about Vingolf in months so hopefully they haven’t done away with it. We’ll know soon enough at least, and will keep you posted! leaves FOW: In case you guys missed it, J-ruler and Sacred Beats are leaving the game. They made the announcements starting with an email to their Patrons saying they were shutting their Patreon down. Later that same day they messaged in their Discord Server that they were actually leaving Force of Will entirely, and would be shutting down their Discord, Youtube, and any other associations. They attributed this decision to the direction Force of Will has gone, it’s treatment/communication with the player base, the overall balance of the game, and the GP announcements (among other things). You can visit their Discord and scroll through their reasons if you are more curious. It is unfortunate to lose a Content Creator in this game, and hopefully in the future maybe they’ll have a return. In the meantime they have decided to focus their efforts on their own personal card game they are working on, which we will keep you guys up to date on as it comes out. GP Date Announcements: GP Dates were finally announced! In case you somehow missed it. I’ll just be straight forward and link you to the dates here: It is interesting looking at it. Oscar put together this map showing the locations of the GP’s: Now compare that to last year: It feels like a smaller spread around certain areas, with the entire upper left being ignored. The addition of Hawaii is interesting as well considering it had such low showings in the past and is hard to reach for people who travel around to GPs.   Well that’s all the news for today! Hope you guys enjoyed it!