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Force of Will ARG Orlando and New York 2k Results and Deck Lists!

So here is the results of the ARG and 2k that happened this past weekend! If you’d prefer the summary on our FOW News video click here: Or the separate article of just the news here: So we’ll start with the ARG. It had a showing of about 41 people. In that we had a pretty diverse showing of rulers initially. As you can see the largest showing was Faerur. Even that was only 9, with a very large spread of the remaining rulers. Moving into top 8 we kept that pretty even spread, with our first surprise deck of the season, Ayu! Ayu ended up getting first here. Below I’ll put the deck lists in order of first to eighth for you guys to look over. As you will see we kept this ruler diversity in the top 8, which is very encouraging going forward.       Directly after this we had a 2K in New York. Unfortunately I am not sure what the showing was (how many people, or ruler breakdown), if I get that information I will update this article with it. I do however, have the top 8 deck lists! Once again, not sure the order they won, however I do know Ayu topped it.   So there you have it! Hope you guys have fun brewing!