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FOW News! Venice GP Breakdown, Lifetime Bans, and Tid Bits

So we got another set of news for you all! If you are just here for the GP information, just scroll down a couple lines! If you’d prefer the video news, here you go: No VIP Rewards or Bans: So the first piece of news is rather about the lack of news. The first of which is about the lack of news regarding the remainder of the VIP Rewards. In case you guys were wondering where your rewards were, you are not alone. It appears that not only has the top 500 been the only ones to receive their Will Power Rewards, but we have gotten no information regarding the remainder of us still awaiting our special cards. My guess was that they would start being received this week but that doesn’t appear to be the case. It might be just part of the reward for top 500 where they get their rewards a couple or several weeks earlier than anyone else. Still a bummer. The second, and more troubling lack of news is the lack of ban announcements. Traditionally FOW announces their banned cards with the release of a new set. Well, the new set has been released and we have not heard any bans. I am optimistic in hoping that this is simply because they plan to deliver news of the bans with their GP announcements (coming soon hopefully). If it turns out that they don’t have a ban list I would be extremely saddened. It could be the case that they are waiting to determine if they need to ban more cards, or un-ban some other cards before their announcement (which would go with the GP). Seems we will have to keep waiting. Company issues a LIFETIME Ban: For the second time ever, FOW has issued a lifetime ban to a player. This ban was issued to Tom VZ. This was a player that actually made it to worlds on several occasions. He had been using his account, and several alt accounts, to push racist, sexist, and homophic ideas and slurs in the Force of Will After Dark Facebook group (for our thoughts on that  and the US group listen to our Podcast with J-Ruler). This bleed into the US group slightly. He even went so far as to threaten Barcadia Gaming with mail fraud, threatening to put a claim into Paypal after he received his product in order to both get the product and the money. After all this the Company was actually extremely quick to act in giving him a Lifetime ban, within 24 hours actually. I am extremely happy with how quickly they responded (I followed what was happening, and it was pretty bad what he was doing). So this makes him officially the 2nd lifetime ban, as mentioned before. Antyn was an Indefinite ban which is slightly different. Grand Prix Venice: Now for the main news! The GP that took place at Venice. It is important to note that ADK was not legal at this event. How this might effect the game is uncertain (would it hinder or help Faerur more at the end of the day?), but it is a very interesting breakdown. A total of 202 players attended. Quite a large turnout! And a decent diversity of rulers outside of Faerur. The breakdown of rulers is as follows: Big thanks please to Christian Ted Cesaro and Giorgio Bucco and Stephanie Shaw for all this information! Rulers: Faerur: 83 (41.1%) Fox: 24 (11.9%) Lumia: 21 (10.4%) Tree 2.0: 17 (8.4%) Gill Alhama’at: 16 (7.9%) Mikage: 9 (4.5%) Lunya: 5 (2.5%) Sol: 4 (2.0%) Zero: 4 Gill Lapis, Conqueror of Attoractia: 3 (1.5%) Guardian of Light Magic Stones: 3 Adelbert: 2 (1.0%) Book of Dark: 2 Flute: 2 Book of Light: 1 (0.5%) Charlotte: 1 Guardian of Wind Magic Stones: 1 Kaguya, Tears of the Moon: 1 Kirik Rerik: 1 Mars: 1 Yog-Sothoth: 1   Card Breakdown: Card Breakdown (Total copies played in the tournament, so 4-ofs are weighted more than 1-ofs): 1. Sacred Elf: 457 (56.56% maximum usage) 2. Severing Wind: 452 (55.94%) 3. Fiery Fox of Reincarnation: 368 (45.54%) 4. Mariabella, the Machine Hearted: 305 (37.75%) 5. Tama, Familiar of Holy Wind: 286 (35.40%) 6. Lightning Strike: 284 (35.15%) 7. Sorceress of Heavenly Wind, Melfee: 270 (33.42%) 8. Little Red, Fairy Tale of Air: 258 (31.93%) 9. Soul Debt: 249 (30.82%) 10. Sylvia, Blade of the Supreme King: 227 (28.09%) 11. Final Breeze: 222 (27.48%) 12. Faerur’s Spell: 203 (25.12%) 13. The Final Battle: 192 (23.76%) 14. Flying Cloud: 156 (19.31%) 15. Tia Letoliel, Archer Princess of Elves: 155 (19.18%) 16. The Nameless Mist: 146 (18.07%) 17. Sprinting Flame Horse: 130 (16.09%) 18. Rapid Growth: 123 (15.22%) 19. Planting Beans: 117 (14.48%) 20 (t). Neo Barrier of Shadows: 103 (12.75%) 20 (t). Tia’s White Falcon: 103 (12.75%) 22 (t). Fox Spirit: 96 (11.88%) 22 (t). Gill Lapis, Usurper of Maddening Power: 96 (11.88%) 22 (t). Lilias Petal, Kitsune King: 96 (11.88%) 25. Kaguya’s Moonbeam Butterfly: 92 (11.39%) 26. The Scorn of Dark Alice: 86 (10.64%) 27. Abdul Alhazred, Poet of Madness: 80 (9.90%) 28. Heteroclite Excalibur: 78 (9.65%) 29. Spirit Caller Elf: 71 (8.79%)   Top 16 Rulers: 1. Faerur: 7 (43.75%) 2 (t). Fox: 4 (25.00%) 2 (t). Tree 2.0: 4 (25.00%) 4. Gill Alhama’at: 1 (6.25%)   Top 8 Rulers and Decklists: If you’d like the top 16 deck lists with some detailed access, you  just need google translate and then go to this page   1.Francesco Campoli  Evil Tree 2. Francisco José Díaz Giménez Faerur 3. Benjamin Bargetzi Faerur 4. Cristhian Serafini Evil Tree 5. Stefano Barbieri Faerur 6. Gianluca Di Clemente Fox 7. Davide Lega Alhama’at 8. Roberto Monsorno Evil Tree   That’s everything for today! Hope you guys found all of that useful. We shall see you next time!