Top 8 Lists

Hartford ARG Results and Deck Lists! – Breakdown

So another ARG happened! This time with a little bit less of diversity than I was hoping to see come around. Last time we had a large variety of decks, including a random one most people didn’t see coming. This time, however, we were less fortunate. This ARG had a 29 person showing. Unfortunately I don’t have a list of all the rulers that were in attendance (I reached out to ARG and will update the article if I get said information). We do have the top 8 though and their deck lists! Like I said, this top 8 was less  surprising. We had a showing of 1 Gill Alhama’at, 1 Zero, and 6 Faerur. Faerur was the ruler that most people thought would see a showing at the last ARG, but it appears it was just waiting for the right moment. It is a very strong ruler with a large amount of support, which is only going to increase with ADK. I feel very confident though that there are enough answers now that it won’t continue to be the dominant ruler at these events. If it continues to do so, I’m afraid the game would suffer greatly after so many consecutive competitions with repetitive decks/rulers (especially with us thisclose to an extremely healthy format). That being said the top 4 were: Nick Blandin Dennis Savoie Aaron Miles Michael Sammartino   The top 2 decks were both Faerur. Now for everyone who is curious, here are their deck lists. Enjoy!