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FOW News is Back! New Set Update, Ruler News, and Giveaway!

It’s been awhile but we are back! And there is quite a bit of news to go over so let’s get started! If you’d like to watch the video version of the news here you go:   New Playmat Ratios for Boxes: So it looks like things might be changing for future sets for the buy a box promotions. It’s always been when you buy 3 booster boxes, you get a promo playmat. However, for the next set (and possibly ADK) they are changing it to a playmat for every 6 boxes, or every case now. This is a little disappointing for me because that makes it pretty much unattainable for myself. However it will help raise the value of the playmat, so we aren’t so flooded with cheap throwaway mats in this card game. Take that as you will! Spoilers are done: In case you guys were curious why spoiler videos stopped, it’s because there aren’t anymore! In fact the entire database was released on the FOW website for you to check out in preparation for Pre release this weekend! If you don’t have time or find it overwhelming, keep an eye out for Joe’s video on how to prepare for this week’s pre release, what cards to watch out for and decks to make etc. WPS Rewards: Still no update on these. I know people keep asking so just letting you know, we don’t know. My guess is we’ll hear something come this December before Christmas so we’ll keep a lookout for that! New set in March: Quick tid bit in case you guys missed it, but the next set in this Cluster was announced! It comes out in March and is called ‘The Time Spinning Witch’. Sounds pretty awesome, and as you can see brings back a lot of cool characters. I’m pretty excited for this one! Weird Ruler Ratios: So you probably saw these leaks at some point. If not basically it was confirmed that we will see full art versions  of the starter deck rulers with their sealed abilities unlocked. This is pretty awesome. The new piece of information however is that this  set, ADK, will only have 3 of the starter deck rulers in it (2 new rulers in the set, and 3 starter deck rulers). This leads to the next set having 3 new rulers and 2 starter deck rulers. This is strange because everyone thought it would replace the 5 secret cards that are usually in the boxes. If they don’t, then what are the secret cards? Hopefully they didn’t do away with them. One other cool thing to note, especially heading to pre release, is that these cards have ADK as their set they belong to. Which now means you can use them in drafting if you pull them! That’s a pretty nice touch in my opinion. Weird GP Weirdness: So we’ve been waiting for news of GPs for awhile now. Robert Hebert is in charge of a lot of the US FOW dealings, and has been teasing GP announcements for several months now. Each time he says he has big news and updates regarding GPs that he is about to tell us, then we never hear about it again. Well, a couple days ago he did it again. This time seemed much more realistic, since we are so close to GP season and he simply said he had to wait for his bosses to wake up essentially to get the final approval. Obviously that didn’t pan out and we haven’t heard from it since. In the comment threads however, it  did seem like he was slightly suggesting that they would introduce cash prizing in FOW GP events. If so, this would be crazy awesome, and extremely helpful for the health of the game,  especially in the competitive scene. If we find out more about this we will let you guys know! Giveaway and more: We have another giveaway we are about to start! This time we are giving away several playmats among other things. I will make a separate video going into details later. But all you need to do to enter is join inside any tier! I will get more details as they come. Next week’s Podcast will be pretty awesome to look forward to as well, because we will have DM073 on! So look forward to that. We will have more  videos this week related to pre release as well so make sure you are subscribed to our Youtube!   That’s all for now guys. Thank you very much!