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FOW News! Malaysia Adds Bans, 2k Tournaments, and More!

Another week, another set of news items! Once again, if you’d prefer the video version of the news, click below: So we got a couple things to go over here, a lot of which has to do with our movement into the tournament scene, so let’s get started. ARG Results: So firstly, this past weekend we had our first ARG! And this ARG had the EU bans adapted into it. The results are everything we could have wanted. A huge spread of deck variety in the main group of people whom entered, large deck variety in top 8, and then in top 4! We had a break out deck randomly with Lunya, the Lapis Cluster Red Starter Ruler. Below is the overall ruler breakdown, if you’d like more detailed information, including the deck lists of the top 8, visit our website for the article or our Youtube channel! Malaysia Ban: Over the past week, Malaysia ended up adopting the EU bans of Pricia, Chimera, and Hook. This makes the US one of the only remaining places not to officially adopt the ban. It’s safe to assume with them adopting it and ARG using these bans that the US will get these bans as well, they’ll just wait until the new set comes out for the announcement like they usually do. Games N Geek Announcement: Over the weekend, Games N Geek made a pretty big tournament announcement. If you aren’t familiar, Games N Geek is a fairly large game store, and a huge supporter of Force of Will. They recently ran a 2k tournament which is very rare in the FOW community. They announced they would be consistently doing a 1k every 8 weeks, with top 4 receiving a round 1 bye for their new Midwest National Event.  “The Midwest National event will be our biggest Force of Will event of the year! It will be a MINIMUM of a 5k, if not larger potentially up to a 10k event!!” This is exciting news, not only for anyone who happens to want to participate in said tournament, but it reflects very positively in the game. The start of a store doing very large competitions that involve cash prizes is very awesome indeed. We will keep you guys updated as information becomes available for these tournaments in the future. Jordan has moved on: For anyone who still had tiny doubts that Jordan was officially gone from the company (whether that was FOW the game, Casters, or something else) you can now let that go. He has pictures and posts about his move back to the US which all but confirms him being permanently gone. Unfortunately we still haven’t been able to reach out to him for official comment, but this about sets it in stone. Podcast is everywhere: Lastly we are happy to say that (thanks to our Podcast will now be available on Itunes and Google Play in addition to Youtube! It might take a day to appear on them for now, but we are hoping to figure something out to get it up quicker. If you guys like the podcast and would like to see more, join our Patreon! We are slowly going to start doing mini podcasts exclusively for our Patrons in the future, in addition to the other perks!   That’s all the news for now, until next time!