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ARG St. Louis/Collinsville Results and Breakdown

So the first ARG of the new season has taken place! And not just any ARG, the first one ever with Worlds Invites, and with the new bans of Pricia, Chimera, and Hook in place! Here is the video I did if you’d rather watch that: I had hoped we would get variety and new types of decks going forward due to these bans, and boy was I right. Granted this is only one competition, and the first of the season, however the ruler spread and new types of decks just puts a smile on my face! So without further delay, here is the breakdown. We will start by showing you guys the overall turnout. Below we have the rulers that everyone who attended ran: Lumia, Saint of Rebirth- 7 Sol, Hierophant of the Helio Star- 3 Malefic Tree, Yggdrasil- 3 Lunya, the Wolf girl – 3 Gill Al’hamat – 2 Faerur Leotel – 2 Guardian of Fire Magic Stones – 2 Gil Lapis, Rebel of Dark Flames – 1 Pandora, Guardian of the Sacred Temple – 1 Guardian of Water Magic Stones – 1 Faria, ruler of Divine Beasts – 1 Lilas Petal – 1 Kirik Ririk – 1 Mikage Seishiro – 1 Book of Light – 1   So as you can see, not only was this the healthiest spread of rulers we have seen since..well since ever. But we also got quite a few new decks that I haven’t seen before. The stand out one being Lunya, the Wolf Girl. If you don’t remember she is the red starter deck ruler from Lapis Cluster that was literally never used. Top 8 rulers: Now the most surprising part of this was the top 8 and top 4 placements. Even though Lumia had the largest showing, she only took up one spot in the top 8. The rest is a nice variety of everything you could want! So, as follows we had: Zach Schumon with his Lunya Aggro Deck in 1st place Zachary Bayne with his Hastur is my Waifu Lunya Deck in 2nd Joseph Schilling with a Gill Alhama’at deck in 3rd Joshua Boersuma with an Evil Tree Control Deck in 4th Travis Haedicke and his Red Hot Alhama’at in 5th Jesse Johnson with Love sol, No Promo deck (which huge love for playing Sol!) in 6th Franklin Closser and his Lumia Explorer in 7th And lastly, Tre Jacobs in 8th with The Whomping Willow Evil Tree Deck   If you were keeping track, that is 5 different rulers in the top 8! Huge turn around from before. The big surprise obviously being Lunya out of nowhere it seems. All these decks look like a lot of fun to play though! Top 4 rulers: So after top 8 is determined, they battle it out to determine the final top 4 standings! I only know who made the top 4 and who got 1st. Unfortunately, I am not sure the order of 2nd through 4th. Nevertheless, here they are: First place went to Joel Schilling with his Gil Alhama’at Deck Next (in no order) was Zach Schumon with Lunya Then Zachary Bayne with Lunya as well And finally Joshua Boersuma with his Evil Yggdrasil deck   So even in the Top 4 we had a spread of 3 different rulers! The dominant ruler being Lunya. Now, whether this was because it was legitimately good decks, good pilots, or simply the surprise factor is up to you guys. We’ll most likely no for sure come the next ARG tournament (which I am very much looking forward to). Until next time thank you all for reading and see you soon!