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FOW News! Japan Exclusive Casters? New Promos, EU Bans!

Hey so no video this week for the news, just wasn’t much to cover. We did instead upload our very first Podcast! So be sure to check that out if you haven’t already. If you are interested in the spoilers being revealed everyday, be sure to check out our Youtube channel! Where we are going over them everyday! We will also have an article at the end of each week highlighting everything from the past week of spoilers, so look forward to that!   Promos: Hey so a new batch of promos have been revealed, and they are pretty awesome! As you can see here: They are once again continuing the trend of reprinting cards from Vingolf 3, which is awesome. We almost have all the staple cards reprinted now at this point from the set. The only question is, will they stop at that? Or will they continue to print promos even for less popular (but still useable) cards from Vingolf 3? We also got our second promo card that crosses over between Casters and FOW! This is the caster used in the dark starter deck from casters. I really like that they are doing this, and can’t wait to get a full set of them! EU Bans Adopted!: Mostly! Taiwan has officially adopted the EU bans, along with Australia, and ARG has officially adopted it. So it’s now only a matter of time before FOW officially announces the bans everywhere. We most likely won’t here anything about it until the next set (when they usually announce bans) which is unfortunate, especially for locals. But it’s better than nothing! GPs don’t start until the next set anyways, so with ARG adopting the ban the competitive field won’t miss a beat! Casters Japan Exclusive: If you hadn’t seen, Caster Chronicles is coming out with a set based on an Anime (if I remember right) that serves as a mini set essentially. Similar to things like Vingolf, except with booster packs. Well, we inquired if (mostly due to licensing) the set would see a US release, and this is what they had to say: So that is very unfortunate to hear.  Hopefully the cards in it don’t impact the game too much, especially moving into a competitive scene in the future. I hope going forward they figure this out so that we don’t have region locked releases like this.   That’s all for the new! Hope to see you all next time!