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FOW News! Playmats and Promos! Casters Chronicles Released, Tournaments

Quick piece of news that happened after I filmed! Australia officially adopted the EU bans of Griphon, Pricia, and Hook! Hopefully this is a sign of it spreading to the rest of the world.   Welcome to a new week of FOW News! If you’d prefer to watch the news over reading it, here is the video:   So let’s hop right on in! Advent of the Demon King Promos: So the next Booster Box for Force of Will is ‘Advent of the Demon King’, and we just got our first look at some of the goodies associated with it. Are you going to a pre-release? If so, check out the promo card you’ll be getting! That’s right, we are getting another Vingolf 3 reprint! And one that heavily compliments certain rulers in the Reiya Cluster. This is awesome news and a very pretty card. And next is the playmat you could win! Now that’s badass. We also got a look at the promo card and playmat for buying boxes! In case you didn’t know, when you buy a booster box from FOW you automatically get a promo card. If you buy 3 booster boxes, you get a playmat. Here is the card and playmat you could get: That Sprinting Flame Horse looks so cool if you ask me. And as you can see, the playmat uses the Starter Deck Rulers, similar to what Lapis Cluster did. Caster Chronicles: Caster Chronicles released this past Friday! So if you were interested in the game, now is your chance to go get it. Booster boxes and Starter Decks run very cheap. We will have a box opening video up soon, but I can tell you the card quality is very good, complete with texturing on Super Rares etc. Even the starter decks have textured cards! So look forward to more content about that.   Will Power Rewards: I wanted to take a minute to talk about Will Power Rewards. I’ve been seeing a lot of posts in the US Facebook Group asking why we haven’t received our rewards yet. I wanted to clear some things up, starting with when we got our rewards before. Last year the earliest we started receiving them (at least when Oscar did) was around October 28th. We haven’t even hit that date yet! Most people sporadically received the rewards from that point through November and a bit of December. So there is no need to start worrying. I personally would expect the rewards to start a bit later, perhaps late November, early December due to things like Jordan leaving, all the new changes in Reiya Cluster etc. We’ll keep you guys posted though! Our first GP: So Italy has announced a GP for December 7th and 8th. This will be the very first GP of the new FOW Season. Formatting will be normal as of right now, but at least we’ve got a timeline to start looking forward to things! Pauper Tournament: Next we wanted to let you guys know that is hosting a new Pauper Format Tournament! It will be Sunday, November 19th. I unfortunately will not be able to participate due to a vacation, however I highly recommend you guys go check it out! Sign ups are on their website, and it’s a great way to engage with the community in a fun online tournament! Anyone can play, and it’s a unique format you won’t see much anywhere else. Casters Chronicles Code Cards: Last on our agenda is the Code Cards in Casters Chronicles. Now after opening a couple booster boxes, it’s safe to say these code cards are in every booster pack of Casters. What makes it interesting is that these are identical to the ones in FOW packs. This is interesting because when you scan them into your app, they will all scan identical with no way (that we know of) of distinguishing Casters from FOW. This raises the question, will we be seeing hybrid rewards of Casters and FOW next season? Will there be a way to choose which you want? Or will the company opt for generic prizing that doesn’t favor one game or the other? Unfortunately no real way to find out at the moment, but we’ll do our best to look into it going foward.   Well, that’s all the news for this week! We hope to see you again next time!