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FOW NEWS – GP Promos Revealed! Spoiler Start Date, Article

Another week of news! We have several cool things to go over this week. If you’d rather watch the video, click here: In case you didn’t see it, we did a guest article on so be sure to check that out! They also did a guest article on our website. I’ll put the links for both here:   So several news items to go over this week. Giveaway Playmat: Hey so our giveaway is about to come to a close here. If you are on our Patreon that will be the only way to enter into it, like we mentioned in our video awhile back. Unfortunately it’s too late for anybody to join Patreon now for this specific giveaway, but keep an eye out for the next one! But thought I’d share what the exclusive playmat we are giving away is (we will not be printing this specific color combination again). So look forward to that! Spoiler start date: So with Jordan gone from FOW it’s harder to communicate with the company (or receive any updates at all) regarding when certain events might happen. So we thought we’d put together an estimate of when we should start seeing spoilers pop up for the next set. Now, for example, with ENW they released one of those animatics that used their art and had it sort of move around to music and such, teasing the new set. This was done on April 5th. The actual spoilers then started on May 18th, with the official release being on June 23rd. You can look at most sets and they follow a similar pattern. Going by that math we should have seen the video around right now, but considering Jordan was the one involved with said videos it’s safe to say we won’t get one. However We should be looking to about Mid-November for the spoilers themselves to start. Like I said there is no communication to or from the company so hopefully nothing goes wrong there. GP Promos: Next we got the GP Promos revealed! These are exceptionally nice art and I’m pretty excited for them. So first we have the ones for attendance: As you can see they are continuing the trend of printing Vingolf 3 cards in promo form, which is great on their part.] Next we have Top 8 promos: It’s great to have these, especially an expensive card like Severing Winds. I’m really digging all this art. Lastly we have the GP Playmat: I really like that they decided to use the Draft Rulers for the art on here. It gives it an extremely unique look, and gives you the perfect playmat to bring to your local drafting tournaments! Italy Image: So the Italian Facebook page for FOW posted the following image on their site: This is important, because that image is most likely a new FOW card coming out! It’s interesting because it has a very unique art style we haven’t seen too much of in the game. My thinking is it could be a new resonator typing that has to do with some crazy thing, or maybe a Casters crossover? The reason we know it’s a preview of a new card most likely is because they’ve done this several times before, most recently with this image: Which turned out to be a card in Ancient Nights. So just a little something to get you excited! Casters is becoming legit: So a look at the TCG Player website and you can now see Casters at the forefront! Which is awesome! Knowing that at least out of the gate it has a chance at succeeding. Like I’ve mentioned we’ll have more videos on that coming soon. It’s release date is this Friday so keep an eye out for our box openings and more! Article Exclusive: Hey a quick update on the official FOW Lore on their website! Since Jordan left we haven’t had any Lore updates from the site, and we weren’t sure what was happening with them. However, it looks like yesterday a Lore article was posted! It did not have Jordan’s classic signature so it looks like at minimum they have someone new doing the lore  (but it’s in English, so possible they hired a new translator?). So we’ll keep an eye out for more information when it comes!   Until next time, have fun!