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FOW News – ARG Updates, Banned Cards, Casters Info

Hey guys and welcome to another week of news! In case you would prefer a video version of the news, here you go: Okay so let’s dive right on in! ARG Updates: So we got some updates in regards to the competitive scene. No concrete dates on things such as ARG’s, but we do now have an estimated number! Stephanie Shaw posted about this in the Force of Will US Group. So it looks like there will be a minimum of 19 Invites to Worlds from ARG events (18 unpaid and 1 paid). In case you guys missed it, ARG had re-negotiated its terms with Force of Will Co. and is back stronger than ever. They now will have more prize support, merchandise, and invites to Worlds (as you can see). I don’t remember the exact numbers of people who get invites to Worlds at an event (if it’s top 3, 4 etc) so if somebody knows let me know in the comments below! There will also be a minimum of 27 invites from GPs. These combined with ARG invites, and other various invites means we will potentially have the largest American turnout ever for Worlds! This is an exciting time for sure in the competitive scene. They just need to revamp the judge program and we are golden. Banned Cards in Europe: So Europe came out and banned several cards from the game! It’s important to note, like mentioned, that these bans only apply in that region and it is not a guarantee that these bans will make it stateside. That said, I think it would be an amazing up lifter for the state of the game if the do. They banned Pricia, the True Beastmaster. Griphon, Racing Across Darkness, and Captain Hook, the Pirate. These bans seem pretty straight forward, not much you can ban to nerf Pricia outside of banning the Ruler herself. I feel like an errata might have worked just as well, but that needs to come from the Company, not necessarily a single region. Without Griphon Fox is heavily hindered. It is definitely still a playable/viable deck in many formats, but it would no longer dominate and be as consistent as it has been. The only odd choice it’d seem is Hook. This in my opinion, is a pre-emptive ban. Something maybe that came as a result of playtesting after said cards were banned to see what might come out on top. In our current format we have a minimum of 3 methods of blinking cards, so maybe blinking becomes too strong without the Pricia/Fox in the format. Or perhaps Hook in the format completely kills off Fox as a deck. That’s all I can guess, but no way to know for sure. Bit of Casters Info: Last bit of news involves Casters. As you guys might know, Casters was released in Japan last Friday and comes to the US not this, but next Friday. We now know due to box openings that it has Rare Texture cards identical in quality/style to the Force of Will cards of similar rarity and texturing. It also appears that when you pull a Caster type card from a booster pack, you will always pull 2 (at least from what we’ve seen). Which is pretty awesome if you ask me. The packs also come with the same code cards that FOW booster packs currently do! Be sure to stay tuned on our Youtube Channel for Tutorials and Gameplay of Casters as we lead up to its eventual release.   Hope you guys enjoyed these bits of news! See you all next week!