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FOW News! All Caster Chronicles Cards Spoiled! New Promos, Jordan gone?

Hey everyone! And welcome to a new week of news. We just have a couple topics to go over, but they are all pretty interesting. Here’s the video of the news as well: Caster Chronicles Spoiled: Hey so it looks like FOW Co. went and spoiled every single Casters card coming out! If you don’t remember, Caster Chronicles is a new TCG that FOW Co. is coming out with. It plays similar to Duel Masters/Kaijudo and uses 7 colors instead of the normal 5. You can check it out in the link here: The cards are very…interesting to say the least. You can take a look below here for a couple of my favorites. But yeah, this will be interesting to say the least. A new update not in the video is the new Lackey Plug in for Casters is up and running! Just use the link below to insert  into Lackey. We will have tutorials for Casters, as well as gameplay coming soon! New Promos: Hey so this is a fairly quick news item but here are the new promos! I’m glad they are continuing in the trend of reprinting vital Vingolf 3 cards. I hope they continue with it all. Jordan going away: So the last piece of news is mostly a rumor related thing. However it is still worth mentioning. As many of you know, Jordan stopped doing Q and A’s awhile back, as well as slowing down/stopping on Lore articles. Thanks to Patron Radical Hair for pointing this out, but it appears as if Jordan’s FOW Reddit profile was deleted. This alone is pretty convincing of him possibly leaving the company. Combine that with this: This was something he shared on his page. If you notice the wording at the  bottom is pretty much exactly how Jordan writes for Force of Will on Facebook. So it seems as if he has switched companies perhaps? Or maybe severely cut the amount of time/things to do at FOW in favor of multiple projects. I had tried contacting Jordan prior to this week’s news and got no response unfortunately to clear anything up. I’ll be sure to update this story if he does respond though. As it stands I think it’s fair to say Jordan has left. If that’s the case hopefully they find a new translator soon, and one that is at minimum as good as Jordan was and not how it was Pre Alice Cluster.   But that’s all the news for this week! Stay tuned for Lore videos coming soon! And be sure to check out our Patreon for more bonus content, contests, and much more! Thank you and see you next time!