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Faerur Mid-Range Deck Profile

This is an article detailing my thoughts on what makes a good Faerur Deck.  After testing out a couple different ideas this is mainly what I’ve settled on. I first started with the idea of running Faerur’s Command as a ramp and combo piece, however the deck was too fragile to function.  I toyed with the idea of adding beefier resonators and decided on a mid range variant. With that in mind I set out to make a deck focused on ramping out will, and playing big mid-range threats. The ramp The ramp this deck utilizes is fairly simple.  You play Spirit Caller Elf into Sacred Elf for 4 will on turn 2.  The deck also utilizes other stone ramp in the form of Magic Stone Analysis and Absolute Awareness.  The best thing about Faerur is that his ramp is instant with Spirit Caller Elf.  Unlike the Wind Dragon ruler or regular Sacred Elves, as soon as you play Spirit Caller Elf you can utilize Faerur’s ability to recover a stone, essentially making them a free card.  With other ramp centric rulers you need to wait for summoning sickness to wear off to utilize their abilities.  Faerur allows Spirit Caller Elf to be used immediately to gain a stone advantage. The mid-range threats Next, we have the threats you’ll be playing ideally on turn 2.  Mariabella is the best 4 drop we have.  She allows more ramp while controlling the board, if she can gain a couple resonance triggers.  Tia Letoliel is similarly, a surprisingly solid card.  With 5 will you can put a 900/900 body on the field, a 200/200 flyer, and ping something to destroy it.  She only gets better when you J-Activate Faerur.  Faerur brings out Tia, who in turn brings out her falcon.  From here you can really start controlling the board with gale counters from Faerur, and destroying pesky resonators with Tia.  Sneaking in damage post blockers by dumping gale counters into an unblocked elf is also a good line. Counters Before I start with this section, this deck does not run Faerur’s Spell.  It probably should, because Faerur’s Spell is an excellent 1 drop counter spell, and it can be enabled during the opponent’s turn using Faerur’s ability to recover magic stones.  Future decks iterations may include this card, but as of now it doesn’t fit the resonator heavy theme of the deck. Severing Winds is a different story, as it’s just too good of a card not to run. Overall, The deck is surprisingly fun to play, and solid.  You should be aiming to close out the mid-game with Mariabella and Faerur, as they can handle a lot of the troublesome resonators.  The unique style of ramp Faerur allows really lets the deck shine and is definitely the cornerstone of the deck.  Hope you enjoyed the article, and my take on a Faerur mid-range deck.   – Joe