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Frayla Deck Profile

Hey guys welcome to the first article contribution I have made so far, to introduce myself, my name is Oscar, and I am bad at writing when it comes to punctuation and knowing where to use it. So enjoy! If you would much rather hear me ramble about this deck (lol) check out my video below!

You can also find the full image list here. So where do I start? Frayla is a great ruler, and her ability to be able to spend 300 life at the end of turn to grab a Dark Elf from the graveyard is a fantastic and unique ability. However, she needs great targets and at this point in time she only has three targets worth grabbing and, in my opinion, only one of those is something I would grab in the majority of the cases. We will break down the deck and go behind the thought process for picking some of the cards I ended up choosing.          For starters Frayla’s Ruler side also includes your usual other items such as a Judgement cost of only three, and the ability to energize for darkness will. When performing Judgement you have an automatic ability which will trigger on Frayla entering the field, allowing you to grab a Dark Elf resonator from the graveyard and bring it into play. This ability is great to target with Hilda, Frayla’s Left Hand but we will get to that more a bit later! Frayla has another automatic ability which will trigger when she attacks. This ability will allow her to give +400/+400 and the Swiftness keyword to target Dark Elf resonator, which comes in handy when helping buff a card like Saffina, Frayla’s Right Hand which (we will say in this scenario) came into play this turn creating a 900/800 Dark Elf resonator with swiftness! Things just keep getting better on the J-Ruler side, and it doesn’t end there! She has two activate abilities, one granting Frayla swiftness for one red will, and the other allowing her to ping your opponent for 100 damage times the number of Dark Elves you control. This last ability for pinging damage can sometimes come in useful later in the game once you have already performed judgement, brought in Left hand which brings Right hand with it, and then ping for 300 since Frayla counts towards Dark Elves controlled and she her self is a Dark Elf. Now that you understand what the ruler we are working with does and I have detailed a couple of the combos you will be running with her, we will break the deck down. For starters we will cover a few of the cards that need no real explanation;
  • 4 Lightning Strike
  • 4 The Scorn of Dark Alice
  • 3 Severing Winds
  • 2 The Nameless Mist
  • 2 Faerur’s Spell
  • 1 Heavenly Gust
  • 2 Divine Bird of Attoractia
  • 4 Tama, Familiar of Holy Wind
  • 3 Abdul Alhazred, Poet of Madness
This set of cards are a basic Control package, meant to help you keep your opponent back while playing. You have card removal, Addition destruction, Burn, and Cancels. Again nothing too crazy, but are in there to help keep the game in your favor as you play. Additionally at the end I dropped in two other cards that need no explanation except that they get you draw power, and that Divine Bird of Attoractia helps against other flyers. A newer addition to the line up is the inclusion of Abdul. While it may have seemed like an obvious addition to any dark deck, my first run at this did include it but I ended up later removing him (and for some reason adding in 4 Melfee) thinking it would be great ramp. Now that we have removed Melfee from the equation I feel the deck comes together nicely. Before we get into the meat of the deck with all the resonators (there are quite a few) I want to explain one card to you guys, why I chose it and why I understand if you disagree. Idol of Willpower. I picked this card because it is a one cost void so it is easy to slot into any deck, draws a card on activate, and more importantly it gains you life. The understandable down sides are paying the one void to activate, and worrying your opponent has a heavenly gust before you can activate this card. So with that said, I completely understand if this is a card you do not agree with. If choosing to replace it I would consider putting in another The Nameless Mist and Divine Bird of Attoractia to up the counts on those two cards, hopefully adding additional consistency. The resonators I run in this deck are as follows:
  • 3 Saffina, Frayla’s Right Hand
  • 3 Hilda, Frayla’s Left Hand
  • 4 Shade Assassin
  • 3 Shade, Envoy of Darkness
The tricky part with creating a Dark Elves deck for anyone is you instantly want to run every Dark Elf that was revealed in Ancient Nights, and that sounds great in theory but not in practice. My initial build of this deck can be found in action on our channel here.

If you have seen the video before, this was a quick list thrown together running several Dark Elves. I did not utilize any of Frayla’s abilities (in fact I didn’t even Judgement), I was too focused on using the Combo of stacking Dark Elf Sorcerer with anything that pinged me for damage (Treasonous Guard and Dark Elf Spy), as well as trying to run Frayla’s Right and Left hands. The deck was a mess and was clunky. I feel when building Dark Elves you need to focus on one strategy and for me going forward, that was using Shade Assassin as removal, and returning it back to my hand each time with Frayla’s ability. All that while maintaining a life balance using Shade, Envoy of Darkness in combination with Idol of will power to help keep a decent amount of life. Using this removal trick with the other cards listed above for controlling my opponents hand allows you to slowly hit your opponent for small amounts of damage between lightning strikes and swinging using Frayla’s Right and Left hands. Another added bonus of Shade Assassin running with Frayla is that Frayla is a Dark Elf so Shade Assassin will instantly gain Swiftness allowing you to start swinging instantly. The last key to how I played with Dark Elves is Frayla’s Right and Left Hand, Saffina and Hilda. These two cards work great and should give you confidence in being able to attack without worry about losing one. Saffina the Right hand will always enter the field and search for Hilda the Left hand. Now this card only goes into your hand when found but on the other end of things is once Hilda enters play she will grab Saffina from the graveyard and put her into play. I found it very useful to play a Saffina, not worry if she got canceled or destroyed by the time my next turn came around, swing with her, again not worried if my opponent blocked killing her in combat as I already had Hilda in my hand ready to pull her back out. The perfect scenario for Frayla doing Judgment is always, in my opinion, going to be Hilda and Saffina both being in the graveyard, entering the field with your J-ruler, grabbing Hilda, who then grabs Saffina giving your three bodies on the filed. From here you can go many ways, give Frayla swiftness who then gives a Dark elf resonator swiftness and +400/+400 of your choice. its a great setup which often can be a point of taking the game.      So I created a quick sideboard, as seen in the image above (Gachalog at the top). It’s mostly hear to fill out cards that are already in the deck such as Heavenly Gust, Gale Force, Divine Birds, etc. But, ultimately I feel this is something you need to structure for yourselves, depending on what is seen at your local meta. Now with all of this said, of course these decks can be destroyed by top tier decks such as Pricia, and Fox, but that can be said about most of the new rulers from Ancient Nights and Most of the Starter Deck Ruler’s. Until more support is created for these rulers they may not be able to over come the odds against such decks as Pricia, and Fox. But they will still  need some amazing support. Thanks for checking out what I had to say about Frayla, if you have any better ideas on how to run her, or maybe you had success running this version of the deck let us know in the comments below or join us on discord and letting us know how it ran for you!   Take Care.   Video of Deck Profile: