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Pandora Deck List!

Hey everyone! Here we have our first article pertaining to decks! So this week I took a look at Pandora and her Golems. This is an interesting ruler with interesting mechanics. It has been overlooked for the most part (for good reason to be fair), but after playing her I think she is a lot stronger than people giver her credit for. Now, that’s not to say you’ll see her at an ARG anytime soon, however playing for fun, or at your locals she can actually pack a pretty strong punch. She even has some fun combos up her sleeve! Let’s dive on in. If you are just here for the list, here is a link to the Gachalog (Thanks Ace0fHeartss). I will go over my reasoning behind some of the cards, as well as some strategy below. Explanation: So the first thing you will notice is that it is white/red, rather than white/blue. Blue is the default for golems since there is support for them in that color. However after playtesting a bit I found the blue golems and their support to be good, but not great. This includes the blue spells etc. that I had thrown in. With red I found more consistency for what I was going for. What I was going for was just pure hit them with a big stick as quickly as I can. And it felt more consistent at the end of the day. Card Details: One of the main cards that accomplish this is Fairy Tale Library. This card allows every golem I control, and will control, to gain swiftness. The usefulness of this becomes even more apparent when you’ve J-Activated, and all your golems now are mobilized and have swiftness. Also being able to Blood Boil in a pinch is always fun, and potentially game ending. Especially when you have Atmos on the field! I feel most the other cards in the deck are pretty self explanatory. Combos: Some of the main things you want to look out for when playing (as far as combos go) is basically anything with Atmos. One of my favorite things to do is (if you have energize) turn 1 play Light Wizard, turn 2 put out Fairy Tale Library, then turn 3 you simply play Conjure Constructs using your Light Wizard for payment. You now have 3 golems and 1 free will open to Judgement! Once J-Activated you can swing in with all 3 golems immediately. Once they’ve served their purpose, sacrifice them all to bring out Atmos, destroying a resonator as he enters if needed. Then you get to swing with him as well! That may sound like a lot that needs to happen, but that is why you hard mulligan and if need be, wait a turn. I’ve gotten the combo off and it’s totally worth it! Now obviously you can also just bring out Atmos pretty early by playing Light Wizard and just playing Conjure Constructs a turn early and not J-activating. That gives you resonator destruction, but without the judgement it becomes hard to swing with Atmos. Outside of crazy combos like that you just want to keep pummeling them slowly, or quickly, with your low cost resonators. Remember, because of the mobilize you get some pretty high stat resonators for pretty cheap! Use this to your advantage, and use the spare will you didn’t spend on things like Blood Boil or Sprinting Flame Horse. I hope you guys enjoy this deck! Let me know any thoughts you have below!