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FOW Masters Results and Discussion

So today I’m going to be going over the decks present at FOW Masters 2017 this past weekend. This includes the overall number of rulers, the top 8, as well as my thoughts on it. Let’s get into it! So to start off the ruler breakdown was as follows (out of 45 total players): 14 Pricia, True Beast Master 13 Fox 6 Lumia 5 Mikage 3 Yggdrasil Evil Tree 2 Gill Lapis 2.0 1 Kaguya 4.0 1 Charlotte
As you can see from the get go, there is an obvious lack of Reiya Cluster rulers. There could be multiple reasons for this depending on each individual player. However in my opinion it’s something to be expected after initial release of a new set. People (especially in a high cash value tournament) want to play it safe with something that  has been successful in the past. The amount of new rulers and cards, plus completely different play styles, serve as a deterrent to a lot of  people. I personally think if more time was spent on at least 2 of the new cluster’s rulers we might have seen an emergent deck with power levels matching most these in the set. Moving on from the overall rulers we go to the top 8: Aaron Miles – Fox Alex Blandin – Gill 2.0 Joseph Cuevas – Pricia Tom VZ – Fox Jalen Rojas – Fox Antyn Vejil – Evil Yggdrasil Greg Meier – Pricia Andrew Vatland – Pricia
So in case you really don’t want to count, that amounts to: 3  Pricia 3 Fox 1 Gill 2.0 1 Evil Yggdrasil This, even with the lack of representation with Reiya Cluster rulers (side note, Alex Blandin did run Kirik in his side deck) there is still a nice spread of rulers in the top 8. We are still consistently seeing a lack of overwhelming power from any one ruler,  which is exactly what we want. Not only that but Gill 2.0 finally got some love! And one interesting thing to note is that Evil Yggdrasil made it into the top 8. This is especially impressive considering nearly all the cards that people considered made it even remotely viable rotated with Alice Cluster. If you are interested what the deck lists were for that, as well as the rest of the decks they will be below. Overall thoughts, it’s still a little disappointing to see so many people flocking to 2 main rulers. I’m hoping that will change in the future, however Top 8 gave us a much nicer variety than you would have guessed from the previous numbers. I don’t think that these results are indicative of what we’ll see at Worlds. I think that we have a chance to see a random ruler/deck come out of nowhere, most likely from the Reiya Cluster that was overlooked by everyone. The obvious choice is Kirik, but Evil Elves definitely might have something going for them. We’ll have to wait and see…
Well I hope you guys enjoyed my first article! If you have any questions, comments etc. be sure to leave them below! I’ll see you guys next time. -Colin